Saturday, June 16, 2012

William Llop For Congress

William Llop is running for Congress in Georgia's 11th District against Michael Opitz and incumbent Phil Gingrey. He is running in the Republican Primary on July 31st.

William has been a board member of the Rotary Club and is a C.P.A.

He believes that there should be a seventh tax bracket of 50% for Americans earning more than 2.5 million per year. He also believes that if we reduce the amount of years for deduction of systematic depreciation of real estate, while keeping the total amount of depreciation the same over time, this will allow investors to write off more money in a shorter period of time. He proposes that dividends be taxed at the investor's income tax bracket.

A crucial part of his campaign is his campaign against career politicians. He advocates term limits of twelve years, allowing House Representative to serve no more than six terms and a senator no more than two. He continues his advocacy of Congressional Reform by saying that Congress should receive a salary only while in office and that they should have to participate in Social Security as a retirement vehicle. He also advocates the discontinuing of Congressional pensions, saying that all of that money should be deposited into social security.

Addressing student loans, Llop believes that student loan interest should be deductible up to $2,500 per year once the student graduates and that every year after that, the original $2,500 should be increased by the inflation rate. Also, no interest should be charged on a student loan until a student exits the higher education program, Llop believes. The interest rate, he says, should change annually and should always remain prime and payment shouldn't start until six months after one finishes college on a five, ten or fifteen year payment plan.

Voters should consider voting for William Llop, not just as a protest vote against Phil Gingrey, but also because he is a candidate with serious and good ideas about financial and congressional reform.

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