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A Marvel Fanfiction: Chapter 1

In an apartment just outside of Los Angeles there sit a couple of compatriots. To call them friends may be assuming a little too much. Still they live and work together, if you would call what they do work. One's name is Charles, a tall gentleman who is rather thin, some would say unhealthily so. At thirty-five, he is the oldest of the trio that are living together. Another's name is Logan. He is rough, twenty-five, a short but rather stout breed, he has long hair and wears his short temper on his face. Lastly we have Captain. His name is Steve, but everyone calls him Captain, or Cap, for short. He's twenty and his rank in JROTC in high school was Captain.
We find our three protagonists sitting around together. Charles seems to be meditating in a corner as Logan and Steve argue. "You're an idealistic twit!" Steve yelled at Logan, "Human nature will never allow for that to happen!"
"That's funny, straightedge, because it's human nature that's going to cause it to happen."
"Humans don't know what they want!"
"Then how do you know what you want?"
"I don't, I know what works!"
"That's defeatist and apathetic, Cap."
"It's realistic, Logan."
Logan was ready to retort when Charles interrupted, "Here I'm straining myself to scan out criminals and all you two are doing is bickering?"
"Come on Charles, we live right outside of L.A. and you can't find a thing?" Cap asked.
"Some Hells Angels or Skinheads? Give us something." Logan chimed in.
"We don't go looking for a fight were there is none." Charles said.
"Yeah, but without crime to fight, what are we but three losers?"
"Take more pride than that!" Captain said.
"Pride is a disease, one of an idealist." Logan smiled as he turned the tables on Captain.
"Pride is a realistic recognition of who you are and your accomplishments." Cap retorted.
And they were back at it again.
On the other side of town another trio are slumming in an alley. There's Max, a thirty year old of regular size and weight. Then there's Victor, who is taller and rather stout. Lastly there is Anna, a young twenty year old girl who looks exactly like the type of girl you'd hope to see on the beaches of California. "Hey, Max, when are we going to get some action?" Victor asked.
"Were you hoping to go out in broad daylight and just stir up some chaos?"
"Well, I'm not just going to stand here all day. Either you come up with something soon, or I'll go ahead and make some trouble and see you guys later."
"Remember what happened last time, Victor?"
"How the hell was I supposed to know the L.A.P.D. had a tranquilizer strong enough to take down a whale in stock?"
"You wouldn't have to if you stayed in group." Max snapped.
"You wanna take me tough guy?"
"Preferably not, I'd hate to have to embarrass you."
"What did you..?!"
"Stop it, you guys!" Anna yelled at them.
They both stopped and looked at her. "Here we are, close to a gorgeous beach on a beautiful day, hiding in the dark of some back alley yelling at each other?"
"See, Max, she wants some action to."
"You dense fuck! I'm just tired of standing here, if I have to see one more rat I'm going to hurl!"
Is it a sad story of disaffected you? Is it a coming of age story or a story of love and romance? Whatever it is, to these six young people it isn't just a story, it isn't literature to be enjoyed, but instead, it is life, every day, constant, persistent life.
Logan and Steve were playing cards when Charles came in. "I've found something."
In a few minutes the three men were riding down the road with Charles at the wheel. They were in an old beat up Mustang. "Hey Steve! Turn up the tunes, man!" Logan said from the backseat.
"Hey! Muttonchops! can't you see Charlie is trying to concentrate?" Steve said in a harsh whisper.
"Sheesh. I didn't think a little rock n' roll would mess up the guy's mind mojo." Logan grumbled to himself.
"Brace yourselves, gents, we're reaching the point of interest."
After another minute Charles parked the car. They never drove right up on a scene. They wanted their ride to remain safe and anonymous. They walked, following Charles.
But this is the part where you, as the reader, should understand something very important about these three men. You may have already realized Charles's increased mental capacity. This is because he is not a human, but a mutant. He, like Logan, has the X-Gene. Logan has claws of bone that come out from his knuckles, and he has the power of super rejuvenation. Steve isn't a mutant, but a mutate. Steve's father was a military scientist who was working to create a serum that would create the perfect soldier. Unfortunately for Steve, he was his father's guinea pig, as he was already rather physically fit and easily accessible.
The experiment worked and Captain gained super human strength, but at a cost. He hasn't aged in a decade and Charles doesn't think he ever will. This caused Steve to abandon college and his family. He's been living with Logan and Charles for about five years.
"We only have ten minutes before the police show up." Charles said.
"Those pigs aren't good for anything." Logan responded.
Before Captain could rebut Logan they rounded the corner to a scene the likes of which they had never seen before.
Spotting Charles, Victor yelled towards Max, "Looks like we have company!"
Max laughed, "Those look like the common ilk you find on these streets, Victor."
"No, I'm telling you man, I have a bad feeling about that tall one."
"Well, don't just stand there! Check it out!"
Cars levitating in the air, a stout fellow with a full grown man lifted off of his feet in each hand and a woman bringing people to their knees with a small brush of her fingers.
"I don't think we're dealing with regular street thugs here Charlie." Cap said.
"There mutants." Charles said.
The next thing either of them knew, Logan jumped in front of them and it took them a moment to realize why. He was wrestling with the stout mutant. "Do we help him?" Steve asked.
"The best way to do that is to attack the other two."
"I'll take car boy."
"No, take the girl, I'll take care of 'car boy.'"
"Alright Xavier, you're the brains."
Along with making him 'The Perfect Soldier,' Steve's dad did on other thing for him. He gave him a shield made of Vibranium-Steel and with it, a piece that he wor on his wrist and forearm that had hyperkinetic senses. Steve's father was very fond of things such as karate, that taught that violence should be avoided unless it was for self defense, which is why he was a military scientist, as opposed to say, an infantry man. He designed the shield and taught Steve how to use it as a weapon.
Steve approached the woman. "Miss! I'm going to have to ask you to stand down!"
"You and what army, kid?"
"Well, the police will be here in about ten minutes."
"Oh no! Not the police!" She teased, "Please! Their tin cans are no match for max-y."
"I warn you! I'm prepared to use any force necessary in order to incapacitate you!"
"Come on, hot shot, I'm dying for a fight."
Captain threw his shield at Anna as she lunged for him. Seeing what her touch did to others, Captain made sure to avoid it at all costs. He was surprised to see that she was able to dodge his shield. He used the magnetic sensors on his arms to retrieve it. By the time it got back to him, he was using it to deflect every attempt Rouge was making to touch him. "What's the matter, honey? Bashful of a touch from a little lady like me?"
Captain laughed, "I saw what that touch was doing to everyone else, miss."
Down the street Logan was wrestling with Victor. "I thought you were in Denver, Victor?"
"The action was all dried up, so I did the cliché thing and came out west, besides, last I'd heard, that's where I could find my baby brother."
"And the first we find each other you're wrecking the streets?"
Victor kicks Logan off of him and they both scramble to their feet. "Last we left you, Logan, you weren't exactly extending olive branches."
"Well look at who I had as a role model!"
"Oh, blame it on me!"
"Well, I left you and now look at me!"
"Don't kid yourself, you're out here craving the same violence and destruction, you just call it something different."
Lastly we look at Max and Charles.
"And what's your super power, string bean?"
"You mean other then having to tolerate such infantile arrogance?"
Max picked up a car with his ability to control and manipulate metal, but before he could throw it at Charles he put a finger on his temple and Max suddenly lost control of what he was doing. "I'm in your head. My power is telepathy and mind control. Now, you and your friends take off before the police show and we all have a mess on our hands."
In another minute, with the wail of sirens in the distance, Max, Victor and Rouge were gone and our three protagonists were on their way to their mustang.
I whipped around the corner in my cruiser to find a bunch of cars that looked like they'd been bull dozed and civilians lying on the street. It was the same story I'd heard for months now. Were they Gods, demons, spirits, angels or something else, no one knew. I yelled to my deputy, "Get me all the surveillance you can on a block and half radius! I want to personally watch it myself!"
"Yes sir!"
Something, someone, was terrorizing my city and I was going to get to the bottom of it.
Back in the Mustang, "The chief of police isn't happy. If those surveillance cameras give him anything, we could be in serious trouble."
"Us! But we're the good guys!" Captain said.
"I have a feeling they won't agree with you, Steve."
"The pigs want all the power, control and credit for themselves Rogers. They'll cut the throats of allies to get it."
"I really wish you wouldn't call them pigs, Logan."
"I hear ya, Rogers, it's kind of a disservice to pigs everywhere."
And just like that Logan and Steve were caught in another fiery debate.
"What the hell, Max! We were just getting fired up and you tell us to back off?!"
"I'm sorry Max, but I'm with Victor on this one."
"I... I can't explain it, guys. One minute I was about to crush the tall one and the next minute I'm retreating."
"What? Are you losing your mind?"
"No. I just... It's like there's a gap in my memory."
"Whatever, man! Let's go get some grub and just forget this whole ordeal."
"Come on Max" Anna said, helping him up.
"Don't worry about Victor, he's just a hot head." Anna comforted as Max seemed completely lost in thought, with a look of terror and confusion on his face.
Max knew one thing for sure, that wasn't the last time he and his friends would see that mysterious trio, and that upset him greatly.
Charles spent a lot of time in the next few days rather quiet, even for him. Never had he gazed into a mind like that of the Metal Manipulator. It had left him absolutely perplexed. At first Logan and Steve thought nothing about it. Charles being Charles, they agreed. But as each day passed, they became increasingly worried. Eventually they decided Steve, being way more patient and empathetic, should talk to Charles. Finding him sitting in his usual corner, legs crossed on the floor, Steve approached him. "Hey Charles." He started.
No movement. Steve sat down, "Com on X, Logan and I are worried about you, at least say something."
And so Charles did, into Steve's mind he poured all of the feelings that the Metal Manipulator made him feel. All Steve could do in response was say, "Dude." and sit there.

"If history is violence and sex, I'd rather not pay my respects. If I've caused offense, I'm just trying to talk sense. Forgive me if I'm too direct or politically incorrect." Jon Foreman

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