Friday, June 22, 2012

Stop Censoring Gary Johnson Now!

Censored again.

A few days ago, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was interviewed by CNN, and offered strong words of support for Governor Johnson.  But…when CNN posted the interview to their website, Gov. Ventura’s remarks about Gov. Johnson were mysteriously missing, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Is anyone surprised?

It is no secret that the mainstream media is fully invested in the tired Republican-Democrat party duopoly.  And this certainly isn’t the first time CNN has “excluded” Governor Johnson.  Remember the debates last year? Despite polling as well as other candidates who were invited, CNN refused to allow Gov. Johnson on the stage for any of the presidential debates they sponsored.

We’ve known from the very beginning that we could never depend on the elite media alone to communicate with the voters we need to reach. Congressman Ron Paul has been fighting this battle for years, and if anything, Gov. Johnson’s message of liberty and fiscal sanity is even more “uncomfortable” for the business-as-usual crowd.

Yes, we must take our message directly to the voters – without relying upon news media executives in New York, Washington or Atlanta.  And Governor Johnson needs your help to do that.

Just yesterday, we finished work on two radio spots that are ready to go on the air.  You can listen to the first one here.  And you may have already seen this web video: Be libertarian With Me. More than 35,000 people have already viewed it – imagine if 350,000 could see it.

We have worked very hard, with your generous help, to lay the groundwork for a campaign that will shake the worn-out two party system to its core.  Just this week, yet another poll was released showing  Governor Johnson already having a significant impact in an important state. And that is without a single penny’s worth of paid media advertising, compared to the millions spent by Obama and Romney.

When the advertising we are producing right now goes on the air, not only will we reach voters we need to reach, but even CNN will have to take note that our message will not be censored and will be a part of this presidential campaign whether they like it or not.

Let’s make it clear that we will NOT be censored! 

Thanks, as always, for your generous support.  We are on the move!

Ron Nielson
Senior Advisor
Gary Johnson 2012

"If history is violence and sex, I'd rather not pay my respects. If I've caused offense, I'm just trying to talk sense. Forgive me if I'm too direct or politically incorrect." Jon Foreman

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