Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pledge (From No Labels)

Are you tired of special interests always coming before your interests? If so, this week offers a prime opportunity for you to do something about it.

Click here to tell your members of Congress to put the interests of the American people ahead of special interests.

Tomorrow, Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, will go behind closed doors with members of Congress to discuss his organization's Taxpayer Protection Pledge – which forces members to agree to never raise taxes on anyone under any circumstances.

This pledge – and the dozens of other special-interest pledges like it that seek to essentially control member voting on everything from immigration and energy policy to foreign affairs – is one of the chief causes of gridlock in Washington.

That's why No Labels called for an end to special-interest pledges in its Make Congress Work! action plan. Now, it's time to get members of Congress on board.

Click here to quickly and easily contact your member of Congress and tell them to call for an end to partisan pledges in Congress.  

This Norquist meeting is an example of everything that’s wrong with Washington -- special interests getting special access, asking lawmakers to end negotiations before they even start.  When you combine Norquist’s no tax pledge with other special-interest pledges on the left that force members to agree to never cut any entitlements, you basically eliminate any hope of sensibly resolving the “fiscal cliff” of steep, across-the-board tax hikes and spending cuts that will take effect at the end of this year.    

Your lawmakers need to hear your voice to put an end to special-interest pledges. Please contact them as soon as you can.  

Most sincerely,

Nancy Jacobson and Mark McKinnon
No Labels Co-Founders

"If history is violence and sex, I'd rather not pay my respects. If I've caused offense, I'm just trying to talk sense. Forgive me if I'm too direct or politically incorrect." Jon Foreman

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