Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Live blog for the November 22nd Republican Presidential Primary Debate on CNN

I'm in a good and optimistic mood this afternoon, so I thought it would be good, with my computer finally being Trojan free and working really well, to try to do a live blog. I haven't done one in a while and so I'm excited about the prospects.

Tonight's debate is on CNN, starts at 8p.m. and features the usual cast (That's Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney and of course, Santorum.)

This liveblog will serve, of course, as a way to discuss the debate in real time, but what it will also let us do is to transcend the debate and the candidates on the stage.

Let's take an opportunity to talk about things they aren't saying on stage, and to talk about candidates that aren't up on the stage.

For example, I'm a big fan of Buddy Roemer, so I would talk a lot about him.

But there are a plethora of candidates to be represented that just aren't.

You have:

Buddy Roemer
Fred Karger
Gary Johnson
Jared Blankenship
Andre Barnett
Keith Drummond
Kent Mesplay
Stewart Alexander
(I would say Barack Obama but it seems like DWS [Debbie Wasserman Schultz for those who don't know] is in every post - debate spin room.)
Roger Gary
Carl Person
Randall Terry
R. Lee Wrights

The list goes on and on and on.

So! I hope you'll join me and discuss the craziness of what we see on stage and the greatness of what we see left off the stage.

Hashtags: #CNNDebate

My Twitter Handle: @JAFThrasher

Always Standing in Defiance,

- Alexander Fisher

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Rant Against Repealing the Seventeenth Amendment

     I've been doing a lot of research for my upcoming Citizens United V. FEC piece and while I was reading a piece on Corporate Personhood my mind began to wonder to the Seventeenth Amendment. I mean, my mind was already on the idea of money in politics, so it wasn't a really far travel. There are two presidential candidates (to my knowledge) that want to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment. Those two candidates are Rick Perry and Gary Johnson. Both governors or former governors. One from Texas, the other from New Mexico. I have a couple problems with the idea of repealing the Seventeenth Amendment. First, In the compromise between a Democratic Republic and a Direct Democracy, I think it is completely fair to give the people the right to elect their senators. These elitists like Perry and Johnson want you to believe that ordinary people cannot make that decision, that everyday people cannot make the decision on who should be the senator, and who could best handle the job. This is ludicrous! Two things. We are capable enough to elect the would-be electors and the would-be electors are not supposed to be career politicians with special knowledge that we do not possess. They are supposed to be ordinary people, just like you and I. And at any rate, don't they all put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you and I? Second, I'm just enough of a conspiracy theorist to start wondering, once they've grabbed up our ability to elect our senators, then how long will it be until we cannot elect our congresspeople, or governor or our state legislature?http://www.facebook.com/alexander.thrasher
     As a citizen, I try not to ask for too much. A road to drive on, a clean park to go to, maybe even a decent place for kids (even if they aren't mine) to go and to learn. But I'm really good at politics. I get politics. Not the back door scheming and the lying and deceit and all that nonsense. No, what I understand about politics is this: Each and every one of us is intelligent, we are able to learn, if we are willing to learn, and I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most of us can go in, well informed on election day, and press a button. I think that people advocating for the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment are moving in the wrong direction and are fighting against the people of this great country. We need to move toward the abolition of the Electoral College, not toward the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment.
     The argument that people often make for returning to the Seventeenth Amendment is that they believe that we have traveled to far from our Federalist roots. I find this particularly amusing as most of the time these are opinions being made by people who generally tout being for smaller government. If you are for smaller government wouldn't you be an Anti-Federalist? But, as with the two Presidential candidates listed above, they want to convince the electorate of one thing, the people financing their campaign of another, and eventually, they just want to get as much power as they can for as long as they can.
* * *
I have plenty of thoughts floating around in my head. I'm thinking about money in politics, about corruption, lying, deceit, the desire for power, and about ignorance and apathy. I wish every voter, before voting, would go to Opensecrets.Org and look at where the money is going and coming from. Who wants what with a certain candidate, and how much are these candidates selling themselves for? I wish every voter would spend an hour a day reading or listening to non - mainstream media news, researching candidates and/or researching issues. But Hell! I'd also like to see every person eligible to vote, voting.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant on the Seventeenth Amendment, I hope it was informative, interesting and maybe even entertaining.

Always Standing in Defiance,

- Alexander Fisher

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As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know.

     Also! Feel free to send over your friends, whether their political junkies or totally politically apathetic! Ask them to come for one visit, tell them their free to email me, whatever, let's see if we can't get them involved.

As an addendum to that, also always feel free to email this out to your friends, family members and coworkers.

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Middle of the Week 'Rantings' News Blast (11/14 - 11/16)

Sorry the piece on Citizens United v FEC is slow to come. I’ve been really busy with the Buddy Roemer for President Campaign, in full disclosure. I don’t think it is having any affect, negative or positive, on my journalistic integrity, though. Plus I’ve been having some technical problems, trying to get my laptop fixed, which, if I can fix it, will increase my ability to work. Anyway, without any further ado, the Middle of the Week ‘Rantings’ News Blast. Enjoy!

  1. Candidates seek to limit federal role in education

When it comes to education, the Republican field of presidential candidates has a unified stance: Get the federal government out of schools. How they'd do that varies.”

Read about it here

  1. War Is a Force That Pays the 1 Percent: Occupying American Foreign Policy

If the last decade was the era of occupations that everyone called liberations, then the 99 percent movement is seeking to make this the era of liberations everyone calls occupations. ‘It's clear that the interests of the majority of people in this country do not align with the military-industrial complex who put corporate profiteering based on destruction ahead of the needs of people,’ said Alex Kane, a journalist and activist. ‘The nexus of power that Occupy is looking to challenge in this country does not stop at Wall Street. Military profiteering is an integral part of the system and it should be challenged.’”

Read about it here

3.      The Need to Relocalize Our Economies

“For some people, particularly the young and the old, the local mall or big-box retailer or superstore is an important part of their social lives. They get exercise by walking up and down the aisles, greet friends they see only there, and have a special and often inexpensive meal. They notice what’s on sale and what’s new in stock, making both intentional purchases and the occasional impulse buy.”

            Read about it here

Well, I guess that’s it. Let me know what you think.

-         Joshua Fisher

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"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

Monday, November 14, 2011


I'd like to take a minute to tell you about a candidate that I'm supporting for president of the United States BUDDY ROEMER. You probably haven't heard about him because of his platform of campaign reform and talking on issues no one else dares to bring up. This is why he has not been allowed in the debates.
When Buddy Roemer was elected as the Governor of Louisiana he sold the airplanes and limousines, balance the state's budget, forced big oil and big chemicals to clean up the air and water dropping toxic emissions by 41% (understand that Buddy is for creating America's energy independence and one of the ways he will achieve this is by drilling responsibly for oil in our own country and at the same time creating American jobs), Louisiana had the highest unemployment in the nation at 12.8% he reduced it by over half to 6.2, broke teacher tenure, tested the teachers found out which ones could teach and then gave them a 30% raise.

Buddy Roemer has not taken nor has he accepted his gubernatorial pension, congressional pension or their health care plans. He doesn't need Congress to pass a law to do what's right.
Buddy Roemer has designed his campaign in response to what he sees as a major problem in modern campaigns and this is exactly how he campaign when winning the Louisiana governor's office and his congressional seat. Refusing donations from special interest, political-action committees or major corporations and limiting donations to $100 or less from his supporters, this is called campaign reform folks. Once again we see Buddy Roemer does not need a law passed by Congress to do what's right he is out front leading by example-they told him it couldn't be done then to.

Take a look at the facts for yourself. YOU be the judge;

BUDDY ROEMER: Entered Harvard University at the age of 16 and received a bachelor’s in economics, 1964, MBA in finance, 1967. Former governor of Louisiana, a four term congressman only candidate to serve both as governor and congressman, for the last 19 years he served as the founder, CEO, and President of Business First Bank, a small business community bank he started with $0 and now is worth approximately $750 million in assets that took no bailout money from the federal government. Furthermore, his bank had no foreclosures on any homes or small businesses because when someone was in trouble they were called in and things were work out. That's how it's done by somebody who has integrity and the best interest of their customers at heart. And that’s why:

Join today BuddyRoemer.com

Today's politicians both Democratic and Republican are bought and paid for by special interest, political action committees, lobbyists and oh yes the Coke brothers (Republicans only please, thank you) we all know this. These are the people our politicians are allied with and serving, not you. Buddy Roemer has to be able to beat them to serve you, as today's politicians cannot do it without big monies backing Buddy Roemer cannot do it without your backing. If you want to help save our country as Buddy does please join Buddy's campaign today. And that is what will make HIM:


If you feel it worthy of being passed on please feel free to copy it, change it in any way you see fit add to it or delete from it. It it's yours to do with what you want. All I ask is after you send it out to your e-mail lists identify a friend or relative who is outside your immediate group of friends who you believe would be a supporter of Buddy and follow-up with a phone call or a separate e-mail seeing if they will e-mail it out to their group of friends and follow-up with a phone call or e-mail.

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Buddy Roemer Campaign Updates

Network Email

A message to all members of Free to Lead - Buddy Roemer 2012

I drafted my email and some important information didn't get pasted to the final copy... so here is the real deal :) lol! Sorry ya'll!
Hello Friends~
I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, getting in some R and R :) I have some updates to give you as well as requests... and if you have any questions, please message me on FreetoLead.com
Yesterday we had approximately 40 volunteers across the nation calling out to NH voters. Thank you so much for participating! Next weekend we would like to do the same, so if you are free next Saturday to make calls, please email Andrea at Andrea.Franklin@BuddyRoemer.com and put phone banker in the subject line. You will get a list of Names, Numbers, and a Script. Making these calls will help us INCREASE our poll numbers in NH, which is crucial to two upcoming debates in NH in January! The additional work that is needed to help increase our poll numbers in NH include personal letters to NH voters, letters to the editor, calling into NH shows, and pitching the need for Buddy to be in the debates at various Tea Party, GOP, and Independent facebook groups and lists throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Please contact Daniel.Dubrule@BuddyRoemer.com to help with these needs!

Upcoming Debates!!

January 7, 2012 Air time TBD on ABC
Location: NH
Sponsor: ABC News and WMUR
Participants: TBD
January 8, 2012 9am ET on NBC
Location: Chubb Theatre at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH
Sponsor: NBC News, Facebook and the Union Leader
Participants: TBD
Secondly, The Greater Boston Tea Party is doing a Poll that includes Buddy Roemer on "Which GOP presidential candidate do you think could beat Obama?" The link is ... http://massteaparty.org/2011/11/gop-chair-pick-bob-maginns-wife-backs-occupy-boston/?mid=5292411 AND THE POLL IS LOCATED IN THE TOP RIGHT BOX.
Please go vote and spread this message to supporters!
As you probably know we are focusing a lot on matching funds! We are so so close! Below is an updated list and the states included are the states that Buddy needs you to turn to friends, family, and supporters to donate. Once this is secure, we will receive a check that will substantially help the campaign!
North Carolina $217.95
Georgia $260
Illinois $260
Arizona $465
Ohio $796
Maryland $1504
Tennessee $1655
Alabama $1765
New Jersey $1855
Michigan $2175
Missouri $2457
If you missed the Granite State Patriots Presidential Debate, here is a link to share as well ... http://www.ustream.tv/recorded /18436905
Two other sites to support Buddy are...
www.americanselect.org Americans Elect is non partisan and the first secure, online direct presidential nomination that allows voters to decide the issues, choose the candidate, and the nomination will be on the ballot. At this moment, we are asking you join and track Buddy. We are also trying to figure out why it states his issues is "Education". Education is obviously important, but we all know what Buddy's top issues are. So, please pay attention to this site and we will have updates on it in the very near future.
Lastly, Buddy is having another Supporter conference call this Wednesday, November 16th at 7pm EST. Please email William.Pierce@BuddyRoemer.com to reserve your spot!
Yours in Support of Buddy,
Michael Trufant & Andrea Franklin
Thank you so much for all you are doing to help get Buddy Roemer elected! America needs him as President and our steady climb is getting him where he needs to be!
Visit Free to Lead - Buddy Roemer 2012 at: http://buddyroemer2012.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

The Weekender 11/11/11 - 11/13/11

            Did you have any interest in the National Move Your Money Day a little while back? Are you still with a big, bailed out Wall Street bank and unsure where to go? Well luckily there is a new website to help you find the perfect place to turn to. Check it out here.

  1. Israel vs Iran: the regional blowback

The prospect of an Israeli military assault on Iran's nuclear assets is growing. The scale and impact of any attack would be far greater than most observers expect.

Read about it here

  1. How I Survived Bullying

“I have many stained images in my head because of what I went through in grade school. A lot of them I wish I could wipe clean, but it's not that easy. Instead, I've learned to embrace the fact that I have overcome these painful experiences and have become a better person because of it.”

Read the rest here

  1. K Street's Super Committee Splurge

“The bipartisan debt panel to nowhere is exactly where K Street lobbyists want it to be: hopelessly deadlocked. A November 23 deadline for agreement on $1.2 trillion in budget savings is looming, but no real reductions in the size, scope or spending of government are on the table. Instead, we are witnessing another obscene special-interest splurge to preserve the status quo. All in the name of "reform," of course.”

Read the rest here

  1. Occupy the Education System: Students, Teachers and Parents Find New Spirit and Challenge the Attack on Public Schools

In the past couple of weeks, Occupy Wall Street has spurred dedicated education activists into some of the most innovative and inspiring actions.

Read about it here

It has been a rather slow weekend unless you care about Rick Perry’s Gaff, that thing CBS called a debate, and all the mainstream media Sunday shows. Feeling particularly cynical and short – fused toward the Mainstream Media right now, I think I’ll wrap this up. Four articles to enjoy on a Sunday evening or Monday morning and I do hope you enjoy them.

See ya Wednesday!

-          Joshua Fisher

Twitter: @JAFThrasher

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Phone Banking for Buddy Roemer

A message to all members of Free to Lead - Buddy Roemer 2012

Hello Free to Leaders!! Buddy Roemer rocked the Forum last night!! Tomorrow Buddy will be in the New Hampshire office calling New Hampshire. We would love to have at least 20 callers call 20 people tomorrow! Please email me and we will send you a script and a list! You guys are AWESOME! My email is Andrea.Franklin@buddyroemer.com
My best,
Andrea Franklin
Visit Free to Lead - Buddy Roemer 2012 at: http://buddyroemer2012.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

Friday, November 11, 2011

Black Sabbath announced on Friday they are reuniting in their original four man line-up

  1. (Reuters) - Veteran British rock band Black Sabbath announced on Friday they are reuniting in their original four man line-up for their first new album in 33 years and a 2012 world tour.
Singer Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, bass player Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward told a news conference at legendary Sunset Strip club Whisky a Go Go they would perform at the Download Festival in England in June 2012, and then embark on a world tour.

Read the rest here

You can read more at their website: http://www.black-sabbath.com/

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

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Governor Buddy Roemer Steals the Show

Governor Buddy Roemer Steals the Show

NH voters like what they see from Roemer in Constitutional forum.

Hampton, NH – Four Republican Candidates for President joined New Hampshire voters yesterday evening at the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC forum in Hampton. Several well known names were there, but it was Governor Buddy Roemer who stole the show.

Shortly into the question and answer session it became clear that Governor Roemer was connecting with the audience. When asked about the growing concentration of power in the American Presidency, Governor Roemer said that Congress has to take back the power it has capitulated. When asked about replacing the tax code, Governor Roemer received applause for his flat tax proposal and for pointing out that big corporations like GE pay less in taxes than the average New Hampshire family. But by far the biggest applause came when Roemer declared that “Washington D.C. is the capital of corruption.”

Roemer was also consistent in his message to reduce corruption in government. He told Gary Johnson that “there are some things you should not get elected on,” meaning selling the Presidency for large checks. Roemer also pointed out that Johnson has a so called “Super PAC,” which is supposed to be completely separate from the candidate, but in reality is not. He said this should be illegal, and is a distortion of the Supreme Court’s intent to allow people to express their political views. Mitt Romney has three super PAC’s and Rick Perry has seven. Roemer went on to challenge Newt Gingrich and the other candidates to explain to the American people where they get their money from. At the end of the session, the audience overwhelmingly voted Buddy Roemer the “winner” of the debate!

Governor Buddy Roemer has been gaining momentum in New Hampshire recently with his message of independent-minded leadership, reducing corruption in government, and his stance on refusing large checks so that the American people know he is “Free to Lead.” Roemer looks forward to participating in future forums and debates and learning once and for all where candidates like Newt Gingrich get their money. If Gingrich can’t even be honest about lobbying for Freddie Mac, about his support for ethanol subsidies, about his support for big government, greenhouse gas legislation, or about where he gets his money, then how can we trust him to be President?

Governor Buddy Roemer clearly demonstrated his experience over the other candidates. He is the only Presidential contender to have been both a Governor and a Congressman, as well as a successful community banker that did not take a dime of the Wall Street bailout money. New Hampshire voters got a close up look at Governor Roemer, and seemed to be very pleased with what they saw.

- Alexander Fisher

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Email: J.Fisher2028@yahoo.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alexander.thrasher
Blog: http://www.longhairedpoet.blogspot.com

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

Thursday, November 10, 2011

End of the Week News Blast - 'Rantings'

  1. Political victories for gays and lesbians across the nation

Various elections took place nationally Nov. 8—and the results were generally positive for the LGBT community.

Read about it here

  1. Extreme Poverty Is Now at Record Levels -- 19 Statistics About the Poor That Will Absolutely Astound You

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of "very poor" rose in 300 out of the 360 largest metropolitan areas during 2010.”

Read the rest here

  1. Has Obama Just Kicked Off Another Oil War -- This Time in Africa?

“The mainstream media, at least those who have covered this new U.S. military adventure, have taken the Obama administration at face value on its stated claim that JSOC troops are necessary in Uganda and neighboring countries, for the purpose of murdering the elusive and brutal war criminal-at-large, Joseph Kony. But is this the true motive for sending JSOC troops into the region? A probe into the last several years of geopolitical posturing in Africa by the United States reveals another tale. It is the tale of a 21st century "scramble for Africa" for the procurement of oil, using imperial tools, such as drones, mercenaries and military bases, in a desperate effort to gain control of this valuable commodity.”

            Read the rest here

  1. Taxing Christmas trees to … promote Christmas trees

President Obama’s Agriculture Department today announced that it will impose a new 15-cent charge on all fresh Christmas trees—the Christmas Tree Tax—to support a new Federal program to improve the image and marketing of Christmas trees.

Read the rest here

  1. World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns

The world is likely to build so many fossil-fuelled power stations, energy-guzzling factories and inefficient buildings in the next five years that it will become impossible to hold global warming to safe levels, and the last chance of combating dangerous climate change will be "lost for ever", according to the most thorough analysis yet of world energy infrastructure.

Read about it here

  1. Thomas Ferguson: How to Take Back Our Political System From the 1%

I’m a social scientist, so I actually counted: about a third of all the signs that day had money and politics as their themes. It was obvious that you here at Occupy Boston and your colleagues in New York, Oakland, Chicago, and other cities have already grasped the heart of the problem of money and politics in America: that we live in a money-driven political system that works pretty well for the 1%, but no one else.

Read about it here

  1. Occupy the Republican Party

     The left is upset with President Obama. Occupy Wall Street protesters object to his economic policies. Anti-war voters are upset by the intervention in Libya, the drones in Pakistan, and the troops still in Afghanistan. ACLU liberals are disillusioned by indefinite detention, the expansion of executive power, and warrantless spying. The marijuana legalization crowd hates the raids on pot dispensaries.

Read it here

  1. How Far Will the Government Go in Collecting and Storing All Our Personal Data?

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer equated GPS surveillance with the ultra-repressive government monitoring in George Orwell’s 1984 this week during the oral argument in United States v. Jones. The case asks whether the use of a GPS tracking device to monitor an individual’s movements without a warrant violates the Fourth Amendment’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures. But between the potential to monitor all public movements via GPS and the FBI’s ever-expanding Next Generation Identification (NGI) system, which collects and stores all aspects of our personal physical characteristics– our biometric data – Big Brother is already upon us.

Read the rest here

P.S. On Saturday November 12th, 2011 CBS will host a Presidential Primary debate starting at 8pm ET.

 As always, feel free to contact me with any thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, ideas or requests.

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"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First Ever 'Rantings' News Blast!

            Here is the first ever ‘Rantings’ News Blast. In full disclosure the hope is to have the News Blast be a triweekly thing. The Mid-Weeker consisting of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday news, The End of the Weeker consisting of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and of course, the Weekender consisting of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All will come out on the last day of their trio of days. I hope you enjoy!

  1. As World Population Reaches 7 Billion, What Will Save Us From Ourselves? |  | AlterNet

In fact, it's somewhere between unlikely and impossible that children born into the contemporary slums of Islamabad or Haiti, or even Baltimore or East Los Angeles, will grow up to change the world or solve our problems.”

Read the rest here

  1. The Economic Future Looks Dark as the Faux Economic Recovery is Primarily Low-Paying Jobs |  | AlterNet

“In fact, median household income, adjusted for inflation, has fallen faster since the recession ended than during the recession itself.”

            Read the rest here

  1. Why David Brooks Is Totally Wrong About Income Inequality and the 99% |  | AlterNet

After I read the article, in which Brooks claims that the focus on “blue state” inequality between the super-elite and the rest has crowded out discussion of “red state” inequality between people who have and haven’t graduated from college, my heart sank a little more.”

Read the rest here

  1. Washington vs the Rest of America: When Will Politicians Realize the 99% Demand a Just System, Not Cynical Tinkering at the Edges? |  | AlterNet

“The biggest question among activists now occupying Wall Street and dozens of other cities is how to strike back against the nation’s almost unprecedented concentration of income, wealth, and political power in the top 1 percent.”

Read the rest here

  1. Populist Presidents - Salena Zito - Townhall Conservative

“Americans have long embraced populist movements emphasizing the disconnect between elites and Main Street. Sometimes these movements lead to the White House; more often, they do not.”

Read the rest here

  1. Election Night 2011: A Mixed Bag for Conservatives - Guy Benson

Read the whole analysis here

  1. Official: Total Unemployed at 16.2 Percent - Mike Shedlock - Townhall Finance

“Early last year, 75 percent were receiving checks. The figure is now 48 percent -- a shift that points to a growing crisis of long-term unemployment. Nearly one-third of America's 14 million unemployed have had no job for a year or more.”

Read the rest here

  1. Too Big to Jail - Kathy Fettke - Townhall Finance

During Obama’s election campaign, he won hearts when he declared, ""We cannot only have a plan for Wall Street. We must also help Main Street."

Unfortunately three years later, Main Street Americans are still paying a heavy price for Wall Street's insatiable greed. Millions are still out of work, facing foreclosure, and/or have lost their hard-earned savings and retirement funds.”

      Read the rest here

  1. GLEE's Gay Garden Goes Too Far - Kevin McCullough - Townhall Conservative

Homophobic radio host Kevin McCullough writes in a recent article that homosexuality is a choice and neglects to mention societal bigotry and bullying when lamenting the causes of suicide among gay males.

Read about it here

  1. Obama Tightens Screw on America's Coal Supply - Marita Noon - Townhall Finance

Weeks after the infamous BP oil spill in late-April 2010, the Minerals Management Service (MMS), the agency that managed leasing and regulation, was split up into three parts. Addressing the reorganization, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, said: “We will be able to strengthen oversight of the companies that develop our nation’s energy resources.”

Read the rest here

  1. House Has Passed 22 Bipartisan Jobs Bills, & Counting | Speaker of the House John Boehner | speaker.gov

“On ABC's This Week, Speaker Boehner highlighted the 22 bipartisan House-passed jobs bills that would remove government barriers to job growth (by stopping unnecessary regulations, preventing tax hikes on small businesses, and more) but remain stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Instead of more of the same failed 'stimulus' spending, these bills - all part of the Republican Plan for America's Job Creators - free job creators from government obstacles that prevent them from hiring new workers.”

Read the rest here

  1. US Drones Killing Children in Pakistan: One Reporter's Story |  | AlterNet

“A week ago I joined a group of elders and dozens of other young men who had travelled from Waziristan, in northern Pakistan, to Islamabad to discuss the impact of US drone strikes in their communities.

Among the group was Tariq Aziz, a quiet 16-year-old, who had come after he received a phone call from a lawyer in Islamabad offering him an opportunity to learn basic photography to help document these strikes.”

Read the rest here

  1. GOP Loses to Unions in Ohio

After battling hard in Wisconsin, after electing a republican governor, John Kasich in 2010 and even after gaining the confused flip flopped support of Mitt Romney, the GOP still lost to Unions in Ohio.

Read the rest here

  1. Ohio Rejects Obamacare

The GOP is touting it as a victory against Obama in the swing state, despite their loss against unions in the state.

Read about it here

  1. Transgender Awareness Week

Read about it here

  1. Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party: Bedfellows?  | openDemocracy

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 - Alexander Fisher

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."