Friday, November 11, 2011

Governor Buddy Roemer Steals the Show

Governor Buddy Roemer Steals the Show

NH voters like what they see from Roemer in Constitutional forum.

Hampton, NH – Four Republican Candidates for President joined New Hampshire voters yesterday evening at the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC forum in Hampton. Several well known names were there, but it was Governor Buddy Roemer who stole the show.

Shortly into the question and answer session it became clear that Governor Roemer was connecting with the audience. When asked about the growing concentration of power in the American Presidency, Governor Roemer said that Congress has to take back the power it has capitulated. When asked about replacing the tax code, Governor Roemer received applause for his flat tax proposal and for pointing out that big corporations like GE pay less in taxes than the average New Hampshire family. But by far the biggest applause came when Roemer declared that “Washington D.C. is the capital of corruption.”

Roemer was also consistent in his message to reduce corruption in government. He told Gary Johnson that “there are some things you should not get elected on,” meaning selling the Presidency for large checks. Roemer also pointed out that Johnson has a so called “Super PAC,” which is supposed to be completely separate from the candidate, but in reality is not. He said this should be illegal, and is a distortion of the Supreme Court’s intent to allow people to express their political views. Mitt Romney has three super PAC’s and Rick Perry has seven. Roemer went on to challenge Newt Gingrich and the other candidates to explain to the American people where they get their money from. At the end of the session, the audience overwhelmingly voted Buddy Roemer the “winner” of the debate!

Governor Buddy Roemer has been gaining momentum in New Hampshire recently with his message of independent-minded leadership, reducing corruption in government, and his stance on refusing large checks so that the American people know he is “Free to Lead.” Roemer looks forward to participating in future forums and debates and learning once and for all where candidates like Newt Gingrich get their money. If Gingrich can’t even be honest about lobbying for Freddie Mac, about his support for ethanol subsidies, about his support for big government, greenhouse gas legislation, or about where he gets his money, then how can we trust him to be President?

Governor Buddy Roemer clearly demonstrated his experience over the other candidates. He is the only Presidential contender to have been both a Governor and a Congressman, as well as a successful community banker that did not take a dime of the Wall Street bailout money. New Hampshire voters got a close up look at Governor Roemer, and seemed to be very pleased with what they saw.

- Alexander Fisher

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