Saturday, June 16, 2012

Congressman Virgil Goode For President

Congressman Virgil Goode graduated from the University of Richmond with a B.A. and received his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. He served in the Army National Guard from 1969 until 1975. He went on to serve in the Virginia State Senate from 1973 until 1997. In 1997 he was elected to the United States Congress where he served until 2009 and is most known for having served on the House Appropriations Committee. Congressman Goode has faced two loses in bids for the senate of Virginia and has been a Democrat, an Independent, a Republican before currently settling into the Constitution Party.

As the 2012 Constitutional Party Presidential Candidate, his platform is rather concise.

Upon taking office, he will propose a balanced budget, though he stresses that veterans benefits will not be cut. He says that The National Endowment for the Arts and No Child Left Behind will be cut, while foreign aid and education will be slashed and trimmed (He is opposed to national testing of public school students and is against No Child Left Behind and supports the ending of the Department of Education).

Virgil Goode would like to see a reduction in regulations when it comes energy, having the end result being an energy independent America. He would achieve this energy independence by authorizing the Keystone pipeline. He also supports hydrogen, biodiesel, and other energy sources as well as the utilization of nuclear power and expanded drilling opportunities for natural gas and oil in this country. He would drill in Alaska and the Continental U.S. as well as offshore.

Not only does Congressman Goode want to work against illegal immigration, he also wants to reduce legal immigration by issuing a moratorium on issuing green cards until U.S. unemployment rate is under five percent. He would end the diversity visas, reduce chain migration and even dramatically reduce the income of those seeking asylum and refugees and their costs to the U.S. taxpayer.

And to accomplish all of this, the Congressman wants to continue to fight for funding of a fence on the border.

Virgil Goode hopes to eliminate the 'death tax', supports the Fair Tax and tort reform. He believes that we must preserve and protect social security and end Obamacare.

He calls for maintaining capital punishment for certain murders and to fully prosecute those who commit crimes with firearms. He supports coming home from Afghanistan and reducing expenditures around the globe. He opposes abortion and would submit a budget to Congress with zero funding for planned parenthood and other similar entities. He opposes the placement of U.S. Armed Forces under United Nation command, also, he believes that we need to curtail expenditures to the UN, the World Bank and the IMF. In fact, Goode does not favor international trade agreements.

His last point is that if he was elected President, he would serve only one term and not focus on raising money, in fact, he believes in term limits, but didn't state anything specific about his ideas towards the limits on his website.

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