Monday, June 11, 2012

11 states post wins for the Greens!

If last week you were watching the Green Party for signs of progress, you would have seen us surging forward. Not only did Dr. Stein clinch the presidential nomination with her big win in California, but on Saturday she sealed the deal with 80% of the vote at the state convention of the Texas Greens. Stein has now won 203.5 of 304 delegatesat the national convention.
Big news came in from the little state of Delaware, as well. Delaware is the 22nd state in the country to certify the Green Party for the 2012 presidential ballot. To see how your state is doing in terms of ballot access, click here.
And the most important news moving forward has come from the states of Minnesota, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, the latest states to qualify for federal matching funds. Great work! Congratulations also to Arizona, Maine, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee and Texas, the latest to move to the next level in our efforts to qualify.
Tomorrow, we will post an important update regarding getting federal matching funds. Look for the launch of our "Countdown to Double Your Green," in which we begin a major push to make absolutely sure that the Green Party qualifies in this program to double our campaign financing. You can get ahead of the curve by reading all about it by clicking here.

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