Saturday, June 16, 2012

Michael Opitz's Comprehensive Video Library

Michael Opitz is running for Congress against William Llop, CPA and incumbent Phil Gingrey in Georgia's 11th District in the July 31st Republican Primary.


The Hayden Collins Radio Program Interview with Michael Opitz

Michael Opitz--Bartow Tea Party 04-17-2012

Michael Opitz speaks on the need for manufacturing jobs #1.mp4

Michael Opitz speaks about bringing good jobs to GA #2.mp4

Repeal the 17th Amendment #1.mp4

Why we need to repeal the 17th Amendment #2.mp4

Elena Kagan.mp4

Why we need to audit the Federal Reserve.mp4

Michael Opitz 2-25-2012 Part 1

Michael Opitz 2-25-2012 Part 2

Michael Opitz 2-25-2012 Part 3

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