Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tell the Bureau of Land Management: Stop fueling global climate change

As climate change bears down on us, you'd expect our government to cut back on burning our dirtiest fuels, like coal. Instead, we're just giving it away to coal companies. 

On Thursday, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to give Peabody Energy the rights to 721 million tons of publicly owned Wyoming coal for about $1 a ton, just so Peabody can sell it in Asia for $80 a ton, unleashing a massive amount of climate-change causing carbon pollution in the process. 

Coal companies get a huge windfall, the U.S. government gets a pittance in revenue, and climate change gets worse for all of us. Yet unbelievably, this lose-lose scenario is standard operating procedure for BLM. That needs to change. 

Tell the Bureau of Land Management: Stop the dirty coal giveaways and stop subsidizing climate change. Sign the petition by clicking the link below. 

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