Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Cities (From The Gary Johnson For President Campaign)


1,903 great supporters did it.

That’s how many people – from all across the country – contributed to make our 15% Money Bomb a success. Some gave $5, and some gave $500 or even more. Every dollar helped, and we hit our goal of $150,000. 

If you are one of those 1,903, thank you very much! If you didn’t have a chance to participate, well….We’re not finished yetNot by a long shot.

The election is fewer than 100 days away. And in a few short weeks, the Commission on Presidential Debates will decide whether or not to let me be on the national stage with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. 

We have much to do in those few short weeks. We have to finalize our first radio advertising buys. I have many campaign appearances to make. In fact, I will be in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Nevada and Idaho in just the next seven days. My running mate, VP nominee Judge Jim Gray, is departing Saturday to campaign in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado. And keep an eye out – we have official Gary Johnson 2012 campaign vans hitting the roads all over the country right now.

NONE of this happens without funding. The response to our 15% Money Bomb was amazing. We set a goal, and we achieved it. Now, we must take that momentum and keep it growing. We must raise another $250,000 over the next two weeks, and to do that, we’re launching anotherMoney Bomb right now. We’re calling this Money Bomb “More Ads in More Cities.”

It’s simple. With your contributions over the next two weeks, we will be able to take our message to more media markets, more cities – and more voters.As little as $15 will buy a radio spot in a key state. Some places, they obviously cost more. But whatever you choose to contribute, you can be assured that it will have a real impact on how far we can spread our message of liberty, non-intervention and economic freedom.

$250,000 in the next two weeks. That is our goal, and frankly, we MUST achieve it. Please go to today and help us do so.

As I travel the country, it is more and more clear each day that we are poised to make history. Voters are ready for a real choice in November, and it is up to us – you and me – to give them that choice.

Your support is truly gratifying. We ARE making history, and America is taking notice. The next several weeks are going to be exciting, challenging – and crucial to the future of this great nation.

Thank You,

Governor Gary Johnson

P.S.  A couple of days ago, we reached 1 MILLION followers on the social media site Google+. Our message is spreading – keep up the good work!

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