Monday, August 6, 2012

Transition: A Preview

I'm working on a story called Transition. I'm currently four chapters and twenty pages in. Below is a one page preview, I hope that you'll enjoy it.


I woke up one morning and my lower back hurt. What was this? Was my lower back cramping? Oww! It felt like it. My chest too, felt more weighted then usual. Like someone had stacked textbooks on my pectorals. I arched my lap upward to rub my back, to try to soothe the cramp and I felt something warm and moist and stringy on my back. I pulled my hand to my face quickly for identifying purposes and it looked like blood. I jumped up and moved away from my bed, and on my mattress was quarter-sized bloodstain.
Also, as I'd gotten up, I felt an extra weight fall against the top of my stomach. I was now officially scared and confused. I went over to my mirror to try to figure out what was causing the weight and found out the most awkward thing. Standing in the mirror, looking back at me, was this blonde bombshell. But every move I made, she made. As she cupped her breast from underneath, I felt something soft, supple, firm and heavy in my hand.
OH MY GOD! I'm the woman in the mirror?! I felt the stuff on my back again and noticed the stringiness. Oh my God! Not only am I a woman! But I'm on my period! I took all the sheets, linens and beddings off my bed, wrapped my clothes up in them, and then noticed my busty, full, curvaceous body. I took all of the dirty things and worked my way to the laundry room. Luckily it was like five in the morning and my parents room was across the house. After I started the load in the laundry, I noticed a couple of my mom's bras hanging up.
I took one off the rack and put it on. Oh my God! Unfortunately I had breasts, and they ached, I hoped the bra would help. As I scurry to my room on my tip toes, I realize that the bra makes my breasts feel a lot better. I get into my room and shut the door. Standing against the door, my hip cocked, I take a deep breath.
"Oh, huuun-y! Oh oh oh sweet darlin', I'm afraid I've caused you more distress then I meant to." laughs a voice behind me.
I jump and this weird squeal discharges from my thick, soft lips. I clutch my hands to my chest and realize this person sitting on my bed. Tall, thin, a bit older, I guessed. She smiled at me, "Hun, your going to HAVE to calm down."
"Who are you?!"
"Oh hun, if either of us knew the answer to that question, we wouldn't be here right now."
"What are you doing in my bedroom?" I ask, searching for something heavy.
"To guide you. This journey will be a long one."
"What journey?"
"Well, your physically or biologically or anatomically now what your culture considers feminine. I'm here to help your mental and emotional transition. I'm here to help you change your lifestyle to fit who you now are, to your culture."
"What about my parents, my friends, my family?!"
My new acquaintance sat, legs crossed, hands folded, smiling delicately at me. "Has not an aspiring, pontificating scientist ever heard of alternate reality?"
But everything looks the same?"
"For now, for you, for transitionary purposes. Your first period woke you up just when I wanted it to."
As I rubbed my cramping, hurting lower back, I realized I was still mostly naked. I blushed as I threw a towel around my waist. The person on my bed giggled. "It's okay. I've seen worse. Go ahead and get changed, your day is about to start."

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