Monday, August 6, 2012

Transition Chapter 1


I woke up one morning and my lower back hurt. What was this? Was my lower back cramping? Oww! It felt like it. My chest too, felt more weighted then usual. Like someone had stacked textbooks on my pectorals. I arched my lap upward to rub my back, to try to soothe the cramp and I felt something warm and moist and stringy on my back. I pulled my hand to my face quickly for identifying purposes and it looked like blood. I jumped up and moved away from my bed, and on my mattress was a quarter-sized bloodstain.
Also, as I'd gotten up, I felt an extra weight fall against the top of my stomach. I was now officially scared and confused. I went over to my mirror to try to figure out what was causing the weight and found out the most awkward thing. Standing in the mirror, looking back at me, was this blonde bombshell. But every move I made, she made. As she cupped her breast from underneath, I felt something soft, supple, firm and heavy in my hand.
OH MY GOD! I'm the woman in the mirror?! I felt the stuff on my back again and noticed the stringiness. Oh my God! Not only am I a woman! But I'm on my period! I took all the sheets, linens and beddings off my bed, wrapped my clothes up in them, and then noticed my busty, full, curvaceous body. I took all of the dirty things and worked my way to the laundry room. Luckily it was like five in the morning and my parents room was across the house. After I started the load in the laundry, I noticed a couple of my mom's bras hanging up.
I took one off the rack and put it on. Oh my God! Unfortunately I had breasts, and they ached, I hoped the bra would help. As I scurry to my room on my tip toes, I realize that the bra makes my breasts feel a lot better. I get into my room and shut the door. Standing against the door, my hip cocked, I take a deep breath.
"Oh, huuun-y! Oh oh oh sweet darlin', I'm afraid I've caused you more distress then I meant to." laughs a voice behind me.
I jump and this weird squeal discharges from my thick, soft lips. I clutch my hands to my chest and realize this person sitting on my bed. Tall, thin, a bit older, I guessed. She smiled at me, "Hun, your going to HAVE to calm down."
"Who are you?!"
"Oh hun, if either of us knew the answer to that question, we wouldn't be here right now."
"What are you doing in my bedroom?" I ask, searching for something heavy.
"To guide you. This journey will be a long one."
"What journey?"
"Well, your physically or biologically or anatomically now what your culture considers feminine. I'm here to help your mental and emotional transition. I'm here to help you change your lifestyle to fit who you now are, to your culture."
"What about my parents, my friends, my family?!"
My new acquaintance sat, legs crossed, hands folded, smiling delicately at me. "Has not an aspiring, pontificating scientist ever heard of alternate reality?"
"But everything looks the same?"
"For now, for you, for transitionary purposes. Your first period woke you up just when I wanted it to."
As I rubbed my cramping, hurting lower back, I realized I was still mostly naked. I blushed as I threw a towel around my waist. The person on my bed giggled. "It's okay. I've seen worse. Go ahead and get changed, your day is about to start."
As my weird, strange, supposed guardian looked at me with a comfortable smile, I walked over to my closet. "You may want to put on P.J.s, when your mom wakes you up, that's what she'll be expecting. She'll probably shrug off you wearing her bra."
In my closet were tank tops, halter tops, baby tees and blouses. I grabbed a tank top and slipped it on. It was tight, showing the top of my breasts and hugging every curve. I felt a pulsating come from between my legs.
"Don't worry, after a few days, you'll cease to be attracted to yourself, oh! and you may want to get a pad or a tampon, deary, period stains are the worst."
I wasn't sure how either worked, but as I opened my drawer and saw big cotton briefs with butterflies and flowers and things on them, and a pack of pads, I decided I'd go with pads. I pulled out a pair of panties that were pink with purples flowers and that had 'Hanes' written in purple on the frilly waistband. "How do I," I turned around, the person who was on my bed was now gone.
Great, I had to figure it out on my own. I opened the package, threw it away, unfolded the pad, laid the panties on the dresser and put it in the undercarriage area of the panties and folded what women called the 'wings' to the outside of the panties and stuck them there. Then I slide on the panties, they hugged tightly to my hips, waist and butt, which, looking in the mirror, was big and bubbly. I hoped I had the pad situated correctly, I didn't want to ruin any more clothes. I quickly threw on shorts, ones that I thought were too small, but the cotton was soft and they felt good against my thick thighs. I grabbed a blanket and jumped quickly on my bed, hoping my mom would come to 'wake me up' soon/ I laid there, feeling my new body function. My undercarriage throbbing and pulsating, my stomach and back cramping.
I thought back. I was confused, and for reasons I couldn't understand, I wanted to cry. Why, I wondered to myself, have I woken up as a stupid bitch on her period? Why am I bleeding out of my undercarriage, why are all my clothes so slutty. I was so confused. Had I done something wrong to women? Said something wrong to them? I'd never physically or mentally asked more of them then to do what women are supposed to do. I'd never even had a girlfriend or had intercourse. So, what had I done? I laid and contemplated all of my history, all of my actions and inactions, all of my scientific, psychological, philosophical and biological teachings. None of this made sense. I started to whimper a little.
Before I broke down into tears, I heard a soft knock on my door. My mom came in, but she wasn't quite my mom. She was blonder, suppler and her personality was more bubbly. She was wearing a button down shirt and boy shorts. "Morning baby girl." she said to me smiling.
I pretended to be waking up. I roll over, exposing my short shorts. My mom giggles as some twenty year old slaps her on the ass. She's looking at my ass. "You're definitely momma's little girl. now get up hunny, Jakey here is going to make us breakfast."
Looking at him made my stomach flutter, like the same feeling I get before I was about to give an important presentation, I didn't understand. But I sat up and said, "You're not cooking breakfast, mother?" I was confused.
Now it was my mom's turn to look confused, and she looked very confused. "Hun, are you high?" she reached behind her and, judging by 'Jakey's' facial expression, grabbed his crotch, "Jakey here always makes the breakfast. Don't you sweety?" She asked condescendingly, looking back at Jake.
"Yes mistress" he said, a look on his face of half pleasure, half pain.
"So get out of bed when your ready hun and come eat breakfast." My mom said, shutting the door as her and Jake went down the hall toward the kitchen.
I laid on my back on my bed, one thigh on the other, pointed to one side. I heaved a heavy sigh. My mom barely looked like my mom. She was running around in her underwear with some gigolo ten years younger then her.
I rolled out of bed and took off my shorts. I felt more pulsating as I saw myself in my panties in the mirror. As I bent over to open my dresser I heard a fairly new, but increasingly familiar voice, "Oh sweetie, that sweet little tushy of yours would have anyone on their knees begging and pleading for you."
Again, this stranger startled me, this time after I'd jumped a one eighty I stomped my foot at my self proclaimed 'guardian.' "Do you just come and go as you please?"
"It's a perk."
I rolled my eyes, "Well, not for me!" I fussed.
Just the same half-cheerful, half-sadisitc smile.
I rolled my eyes and decided to continue my apparent 'show' as I looked for something more appropriate to wear out of my bedroom. "Do you have a name?"
Admittedly, I was confused, "Short for Samuel or Samantha?"
"What's it matter?"
I shuffled through short skirts, more shorts, jean shorts, capris and tight jeans.
"Well are you a man or a woman?"
"I could ask you the same question."
I sighed and settled for a 'loose pair of sweat pants, which only meant they hugged tight and curvaceously  till half way down the calf, where they slightly flared out to my ankles. "Okay, if that's the way you want it to be, can you at least explain what happened to my 'parents.'" I did air quotes.
"Okay hun, come sit with me." Sam patted the bed.
I came and sat down, crossing my legs.
"This is an alternate reality. I said that before, but I suppose I will have to re-elaborate. See, you had one reality... Well, do you have paper?"
I rolled my eyes, "Well, I'm not sure. Not yet acclimated to 'my' room."
Oddly, I did notice a desk, I thought it was strange there wasn't a sewing machine on it, I opened the top drawer and there was a stack of loose lea paper. I grabbed a piece and a yearbook and handed it to Sam. She drew out what she was saying. "You started with one reality,"

(Image: A dot with an arrow pointing to it saying, 'Original reality.')

"And every reality has a course that it travels on."

(Image: A dot and line sequence. The first dot has an arrow pointing to it saying, 'Original reality.')
"One reality's course is a straight line, but, if you want to achieve an alternate reality, you must find a 'launch off point' from the first reality, to the second reality. Your incident at the high school was you 'launch off point.'

(Image: Two dot and line sequences, one above the other. The top one starts off with a dot with an arrow pointing to it saying, 'Original reality' and ends with a dot that says, 'Launch off point.' The bottom one starts off with a dot that says, 'Start of alternate reality.' That dot also has a arrow coming from the 'Launch off point' dot.)

I scoffed, "Now wait a minute! What 'incident' at the high school?!"
"I'll let you figure that one out." Is all Sam said.
I closed my eyes to take a breathe and when I opened them, Same was gone. "Great." I sighed to myself.
I drug myself off the bed and headed out of my bedroom and into the kitchen. Mom was still in her boy shorts, Jake was still preparing breakfast. "Hey baby!" My mom greeted me, "What took you so long?"
I thought about it for a moment and finally said, "I couldn't decided what to wear."
"Oh don't be silly, you could come out naked and that'd be fine baby." She said smiling and winking at Jake, painting her nails.
I tried to force a laugh and said, "No, that's okay, I prefer the sweatpants."
My mom shrugged and said, "Well Jakey and I are leaving here after a while, what are you going to do today? Hang out with Lacey? Or David?" She said the last part in the way I imagined moms would to their daughters, if they wanted to tease them a bit.
It caused my heart to skip a beat and my breath to stop. Did I have a... a boyfriend?! My mom must have noticed the look on my face because she asked me, "Are you okay hun?"
I snapped out of my horrified stupor and said, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just remembered I need to call Lacey." I got up, "I'm not hungry." I kissed my mom on the cheek, "So if I'm not back out before you two leave, I'll see you when I see you."
"Okay!" My mom smiled, hugging my butt. "Maybe you could use some rest... or a manicure, because you're acting really weird."
I made a motion that let her know I agreed and retreated to my bedroom. One can guess who I hoped to see upon entering. My fortune and luck availed me nothing. Sam was not to be found. I wanted an explanation on David and my supposed 'guardian' wasn't there to offer any advice. I switched gears, assuming I had some kind of phone somewhere. I spun around a few times. Desk? No. Dresser? No. Bed? No. Wait! Headboard? Yes! I flopped on my bed and picked up my phone off my headboard.
... Now I laid on my bed, confused. What was I going to do? Call Lacey or David?! And what on EARTH would I say or ask? I simultaneously wanted to scream and bawl my eyes out. After I regained my composure, which embarrassingly, did involve screaming into my pillow and kicking the bed rapidly, I had an idea. I'd start there.
As I looked through the phone, having a terrible time getting acclimated to my three inch long nails, I saw more girl names then I'd ever have in my phone and all the boys names had some kind of ranking system beside them. This David kid, of course, had the highest rank. I felt awkward. There were a lot of guys. Had I dated them all? Let them all into my panties? This definitely wasn't Victorian Age courting, I could feel it in my stomach.
I shivered at the thought and as I moved around, felt an itching sensation. I pulled down my pants and my panties a little to see the issue and the 'wings' of the pad had broke loose and now my panties were stained and my private areas were irritated. What had I done wrong?! I took the sweatpants and panties off the rest of the way. I threw the pad into the trash can and went to get another one. this time I read the package:

1. Take the pad out of its package
2. unfold the pad.
3. Peel bottom of pad to reveal the sticky surface


Oh! Okay! So I took a pad, stuck it to the bottom inside of the panties and then unfolded and taped the wings. Then I put the panties and the sweatpants back on. "It's cruel, really."
Right on time, I thought, I have it ALL figured out. "The greatest gift most young women are blessed with is an older female role model. You, being eighteen, are assumed to know everything and now must learn it all by yourself. But I'm sure it's not that hard. After all, to hear you tell it, women don't have it that hard."
I lost it. "Since I woke up in your little 'alternate reality' I have had parts of my supposedly new body belching discharge that causes me to have to wear a mini diaper in my panties. And I've had to wear fucking panties! My mom's a whore and I don't know if I have a dad. So how can you sit there and tell me I don't have it that hard?!"
Without missing a simple beat, "Because you haven't even left the house yet."
I was stunned. "I'm sorry hun," Sam said, "but if you think it's hard in here, you're in for it."
"Just tell me how to change it all back!" I demanded.
"I'm sorry sweetheart. If I knew, I'd tell you, but I don't know."
"What?!" I cried.
"Not in the job description." Sam said in a matter of fact tone.
"Oh! That's rich! This is what? Some kind of sick career for you?! To me this is my entire life! My life! I have dreams and ambitions! Now how am I going to realize them?!"
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." was the half-assed response I got while nails were being nonchalantly picked.
I stamped my feet in disbelief and Sam responded, "You will never restore your original reality, nor realized your dreams and ambitions stuck in this room dear, I'm sorry, that's just the simple truth."
And as I stood, mentally and emotionally exhausted before noon, Sam again disappeared.
In a huff I grabbed the keys off my dresser and headed to discover what vehicle I had chanced to own. As I go out the front door I see a powder blue V.W. Bug. Mom and Jake are gone. There are no other cars. I'm driving a V.W. Bug. I snatch the flower off the antenna and throw it into the yard. I get into the drivers seat of the car. Then, as I crank the car I start to dial the phone without fully understanding what I'm doing. I notice before I put the phone to my ear that I've dialed Lacey. I say this, and all it does is confuse me, "Huge E, meet me at the mall in ten, keep it on the full D.L. and get ready to listen to some crazy mind blowing stuff."
She said okay and we both hung up the phone. I was going to the mall to meet my supposed friend Lacey.

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