Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Addition to Rantings of a Long-Haired Poet

A little over a year ago I starting blogging about politics and music, posting poetry and fiction, and discussing my views on life and culture. I started that on this blogging platform, blogspot.
Then I was an unemployed high school graduate taking a semester off to figure out my finances.
Now, I am at least employed part time, I just interviewed for my second job, I’m going to be taking as many credit hours as my college will let me take in the fall and I’ve just started my own website.
The reason I started with, and stick with, the Long-Haired Poet theme, is because I believe that my long hair is a symbol of my refusal to capitulate.
I didn’t capitulate when they said I would need to take out a loan to get an education.
I didn’t capitulate when they said the candidate I was going to volunteer for would never win.
I didn’t capitulate when they said I would need to cut my hair to get a job.
And so here I am now, at the beginning of a new chapter in the journey of my life, my first website. And right now the layout is simple, and so is the goal, which is to discuss music, politics and culture from an independent and open-minded point of view. To not be afraid to talk about the real issues of the day and to address them head on.
But also to celebrate the good in the world, and share fiction and poetry when I can.
And right now I’m doing it alone, but if ever anyone wanted to contribute material to my website, all they’d have to do is ask.
We don’t have to agree on everything, we don’t have to agree on anything.
Today I officially announce the launch of my website,

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