Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Need Real Debates (FireDogLake.com)

Firedoglake Activist,

Americans know the country is not headed in the right direction.

We are in desperate need of an honest debate of critical issues and how best to solve them. Yet the bipartisan devotion to wealthy interests has left little-to-no room for challenging the Washington orthodoxy from various sides of the political spectrum.

Third-party candidates are willing to probe the issues that Obama and Romney refuse to touch. Their inclusion in the Presidential debates would reflect the rich diversity of American political discourse necessary for a healthy democracy.

But we need your help to make their views known, starting with getting their voices and ideas included in the Presidential debates.Can you please donate $20+ to run Facebook ads targeted to supporters of third-party candidates and help them get into the 2012 Presidential debates?

With your help, we'll introduce a broader, more honest debate into our increasingly undemocratic political process.

The 2012 campaign is poised to be the most expensive in US history, and there's just no way these candidates with limited resources can be heard without access to the debates. Without endless Super PAC support and immense media platforms like the Democratic and Republican Conventions, the debates are essentially their only shot at being heard.

A truly open forum would afford these third-party candidates the rare opportunity to challenge the major party candidates' silence on the critical issues facing the American people.

If we want our concerns heard over the tidal wave of money and plutocratic interests flooding this election, we need to force the Commission on Presidential Debates and the Citizens' Debate Commission to provide space for third-party candidates.

At Firedoglake, writers like Kevin Gosztola are going to great lengths to report on the countervailing viewpoints of third-party candidates. With your support, we'll continue our campaign for a 2012 election more inclusive of the views and concerns of all Americans.

Thanks for all you do,

Jane Hamsher

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