Friday, August 10, 2012

Lavender Caucus Buttons

The Green Party Lavender Caucus is the LGBT* Caucus of the Green Party.
If you would like to order a button from them, you now totally can!
Individual is $2.00, for 25 it's $1.25 for each (which is $31.25) and for 50 it's $1.00 each (which is $50.00), shipping is included.
You can order them right now from the Green Party DC office by emailing Brian via
So if you want to support awesome candidates and a political party that discusses equality based on sexual orientation and gender identity in it's platform, then order some buttons today.
Lavender Caucus Buttons
Here's what these totally great buttons look like.
These are the candidates being considered for Lavender Caucus endorsement:
Drew Langdon (
Andrew Straw (
Jonathan Dedering (
Colin Beavan (
You can find out more about these candidates here:

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