Thursday, August 9, 2012

Force Change Now - 8/8 (From Force Change)

Please help us force change for these important causes:

Stop Big Oil's Onslaught on the Environment. Legislative measures to protect the environment are being blocked, reduced and undermined by the gas and oil industry, which spends $150 million per year on lobbying efforts. Despite being among the most profitable industries in existence, the gas and oil industry continues to receive $6.6 million per day in tax subsidies. We must oppose Big Oil's attempts to undermine environmental regulations and revoke their preferential tax treatment.
Demand Justice for Severely Burned Puppy. An eighteen-year-old Texas boy recently turned himself in for the crime of intentionally setting fire to a young puppy. The puppy, suffering from third degree burns on over 70% of his body, unfortunately did not survive. If found guilty, the boy responsible for this horrific crime must be punished with the maximum sentence.
Tell Virginia Police that Chalk Drawing is Not a Crime. A mother allowed her 4-year-old daughter to draw with chalk on rocks in a local park and was charged by a police officer with vandalism. This innocent act of a child drawing with chalk should not be considered a crime and her punishment should be reversed.
Protest $44 Million CEO Payoff for Twenty Minutes of Employment. Bill Johnson was in charge of a multi-billion dollar corporation for twenty minutes before he resigned and received a $44 million dollar payoff. We must protest these outrageous compensation contracts and demand that the North Carolina Attorney General investigate this absurd and highly suspicious payoff.

To support these important causes, please sign each petition, share your opinion by leaving a comment, and help us force change!

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