Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet Green Presidential Nominee Jill Stein, Aug 3, Decatur Georgia (From Georgia Green Party)

Stein and Honkala, Elect Greens to the White House in 2012
Meet Jill Stein, the Green Party's
2012 presidential candidate,
7 PM Friday, August 3 at the East Lake
Commons Common House, along with Kwabena
Nkromo, our candidate for GA House District 57 at 900
Dancing Fox Rd. Decatur, GA 30032
Please use the flyer linked here and attached to help us spread the word.
80- years ago, the last time our country was in a Depression, the solution was the New Deal.  Back then the US wasn't paying for the world's largest military or trillion dollar bankster bailouts.
So the unemployed were put to work building thousands of new, well-equipped public schools, along with subway and road tunnels, bridges, parks, recreational facilities and public works of all kinds. Playwrights were hired to write plays and scholars sent out to interview the last survivors of slavery.
Today's depression calls for a Green New Deal, with public education and quality housing for all, rolling back the prison state and more....
Give us the Green Light, Ballot Access for Kwabena Nkromo

Driving and Parking Directions:
From the intersection of Second Avenue and Glenwood Avenue in Decatur, go South 2 blocks and turn left at Dancing Fox Road, (at the Shifa Al Asqam Medical Center).  Go thru the gate, follow the road around to the right, and park on the right against the retaining wall, in marked parking spots only. The Common House is located on the pedestrian walkways at the center of the community. Except for the parking lot, East Lake Commons is a pedestrian community.
MARTA Directions:
From the East Lake Marta train station, take the 6:30pm or 6:50pm Eastbound 86 bus. Have the bus driver drop you off at the intersection of Second Ave and Dancing Fox Road, where the Shifa Al Asqam Medical Center is located (2 blocks South of Glenwood Ave). Walk down Dancing Fox Road 150 yards to the Common House, 900 Dancing Fox Road.

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