Sunday, July 15, 2012

Century Media Summer Sampler 2012

Need a doseage of metal? Then check out this free sampler from Century Media at

On the sampler is:

In This Moment - "Blood"
3 Inches of Blood - "Metal Woman"
Rise To Remain - "The Serpent"
The Devastated - "Rooftop Panty Drop"
Fozzy - "SandPaper" Featuring M. Shadows
Otherwise - "Die For You"
Vampires Everywhere! - "Star of 666"
In Flames - "Where Dead Ships Dwell"
Architects (UK) - "Alpha Omega
Lacuna Coil - "Fire"
Iced Earth - "Dystopia"
Jeff Loomis - "The Ultimatum"
7 Horns 7 Eyes - "Divine Amnesty"
Stealing Axion - "Everything to Nothing"
Nachtmystium - "Silencing Machine"
Tesseract - "Perfection"
Vildhjarta - "Dagger"
Paradise Lost - "Tragic Idol"
Turisas - "Stand Up and Fight"
Arch Enemy - "Yesterday Is Dead and Gone"
Headspace - "Die With a Bullet"
SpineShank - "Nothing Left for Me"
Aborted - "The Origin of Disease"
IWrestledABearOnce - "Karate Nipples"
Suicide Silence - "Slaves to Substance"

Remember, most of the music money goes to the labels, so if you want to support your favorite bands, buy their merch (Shirts, pants, hats, posters, undies, whatever) and go see them live. And I mean come on, you know you wanna see your favorite band kill it live!

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