Friday, July 27, 2012

You Are Being Heard (From the Gov. Gary Johnson For President Campaign)

From U.S. News’ Washington Whispers:  “After weeks of angry protests on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter to get Libertarian party nominee Gary Johnson in the presidential debates, Janet Brown from the Commission on Presidential Debates tells Whispers he might appear there.”


The U.S. News story quoted above, and many more like it in the national media this week, are no accident.

You are being heard.  Even the Co-Chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates, who happens to also be a former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, was forced to try to explain the two-party establishment’s approach to limiting this Fall’s debates to the Republican Romney and the Democrat Obama. And even he had to leave the door open for Governor Johnson.  Read it here: Presidential Debates Key, But Leave Out Other Voices

We can’t let up.  In the next very few weeks, the Republican and Democrat-controlled debate commission will be deciding whether Governor Johnson will have a podium on national television alongside Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  And with the outcry – and financial support – our great supporters have produced, it is becoming more and more difficult for the Commission to ignore us

The emails, the phone calls, the tweets.  They are all having an effect. But we aren’t there yet.  And perhaps most important, we aren’t there yet with the funding we must have to buy the airtime we must purchase to take Governor Johnson’s message to the key states we must reach – the states that will push us to 15% in the polls by Labor Day.  That is why we launched our  15% Money Bomb,  with the goal of raising $150,000.

Thanks to more than 1,400 generous donors, the Money Bomb has raised $115,000 so far.  $35,000 to go!  And we need to reach that goal by Monday.  We must  do it by Monday because right now we are planning our first radio “buy”, and hope to go on the air as early as next week.

Everything we are doing is important: The phone calls and emails calling for Gov. Johnson to be in the debates are increasing every day.  But what will REALLY get the media’s attention are Gary Johnson radio ads hitting the airwaves in key states across the nation.  That’s what our Money Bomb is all about – and we MUST hit our goal.  We’re close.  Please, if you haven’t, or even if you have, go to today and help make certain we hit $150,000 by Monday.

Gov. Johnson’s voice of liberty, economic prosperity and freedom, and non-intervention deserves to be heard.  You are making that possible with your contribution.

Thank you,

Ron Nielson
Senior Advisor
Gary Johnson 2012

P.S. Even a prominent Democratic strategist is taking note of Gov. Johnson. From Fox News: The 2012 election isn't really a two person race.

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