Friday, July 20, 2012

Last call to get LP in on Tampa Ron Paul festivals. Need your help now! (From LP.Org)

Libertarian Party
Dear fellow Libertarian,
Thanks to those of you who responded to our email on Tuesday and donated a total of $5,870 to fund Libertarian Party sponsorship and participation in the Ron Paul festivals in Tampa this August.
This helps tremendously.
To have a strong presence and reach the tens of thousands of Ron Paul supporters – and potential LP members – who will be at these events, we need more.
When the GOP convention is over, Ron Paul supporters have a choice.
They can quit and not stay active at all. A liberty activist lost.
They can be cajoled into believing they should support Big Government Republican Mitt Romney or Big Government Democrat Barack Obama – both of whom, they’re told, are the “lesser of two evils.” (Nice racket, wouldn’t you say?)
Or they can choose to join the Libertarian Party. And support Libertarians Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray. And Libertarians up and down the ticket.
To attract – and bring back - these true Ron Paul, liberty supporters to the Libertarian Party we must act today.
We need LP advertisements, banners and promotional materials at booths, on stage, and everywhere we can get them at these Ron Paul festivals.
We need to show Ron Paul supporters that, should he not win the GOP nomination, the Libertarian Party is their natural home. And that our Libertarian candidates will continue the fight for liberty right through the General Election in November.
We need them to understand that while Ron Paul supporters fight for liberty inside the GOP establishment, the Libertarian Party applies pressure from the outside. We’re the competitive threat that helps make their success possible.
Help us get this message to every Ron Paul supporter before they quit – or worse, defect to one of the two old establishment parties.
There will be lots of media coverage of these events in Tampa.
The Libertarian Party needs to be there.
Will you help?
Time is of the essence. We must commit today or tomorrow to our participation in these events, or our opportunity for a sponsorship will be lost. We need your donation today.
We need one $5,000 donor. Will you be this person?
We have two $1,000 donors. We need three more. Could you please help today?
We have three $250 donors. We need ten more. Will you be one?
We have twelve $125 donors. We need the equivalent of thirty more to put us over the top. Will you be one of 30 more $125 donors?
Every donation of every size will help.
Thank you!
Yours in liberty,
Carla Howell
Executive Director
National Libertarian Party


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