Friday, July 20, 2012

Morning News to Keep You Ranting - July 20th

Today -

Cheri Honkala's acceptance speech
Summer Slaughter kicks off today in California
Your band of the day is ... TAT!
James Mcdermott is your candidate of the day wants to hear from you
and continues to perpetuate the duopoly

Presidential Politics - 

Cheri Honkala (Green Party VP Nominee)

Tours & Festivals - 

Summer Slaughter - 

Join Us For Our SUMMER SLAUGHTER Pre-Game LIVE Video Webcast This Friday At 3pE/12pP (From MetalInjection.Net)

You can read about the history of Summer Slaughter, here.

Find out where all your favorite festivals and tours are at today, here.

Band of the Day - TAT

TAT are a punk trio from Britain.

Click here to read more about them, follow them on social media sites and listen to their music.

Candidate of the Day - James Mcdermott

James Mcdermott is running to serve Alaska in the U.S. House of Representatives.

James is a Libertarian. You can read more about his campaign, his views and his candidacy, here.

Activism - 

MovetoAmend.Org wants you to testify as to why corporations aren't people and money isn't speech!

Check it out here.

NoLabels.Org wants to give the president the line-item veto and has ten other ways they think they can help fix the presidency. You can view the eleven ideas and sign the petition here.

If you want to see Dr. Jill Stein in the debates, calling the polling companies and making sure her name is included is one way to go about it, donating to the campaign, either money for t.v. and radio or time to raise name recognition and support through word of mouth, is another, but, thanks to, you can now also sign and share this petition to get her into the debates.

Open the Presidential Debates to Dr. Jill Stein

Ranting Against the Mainstream Media - 

NoLabels.Org continues to perpetuate the duopoly.

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