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Youth Caucus Officer Elections (From

Members of the Green Party US Youth Caucus,

This is an exciting time for our organization.  We had our very first meeting last week in Baltimore during the Green Party Nominating Convention.  More than twenty young Greens attended this meeting, eager to get the Youth Caucus rolling.  Read more about what young Greens were up to at the convention here.  

Youth Caucus Officer Elections

If you are interested in being an officer of the Youth Caucus, please send us an email by Tuesday, July 24 before 10pm Pacific Time. Include the position that you are interested in and a brief bio and/or candidate statement that describes your interest and qualifications for the position. The election will begin at 12:01am on Wednesday, July 25 and end at 11:59pm on Tuesday, July 31.
The election will take place online and members will receive an email to access their ballot. Feel free to ask us any questions about the election

Officer Positions: (members may only run for one office per election) 

Co-chairs are the primary officers of the steering committee. Responsibilities include but are not limited to spokespersons of the caucus, planning meetings, conducting caucus elections, maintaining membership lists, monitoring the performance of other officers, etc.

Treasurer shall be responsible for the fiscal management of the caucus and shall serve as the caucus’s primary liaison to the GPUS Finance Committee. The treasurer must provide a financial report to the steering committee no less than quarterly, and make available a financial statement to the caucus members no less than annually.

Secretary is responsible for keeping and maintaining meeting minutes. Additional archival and record keeping tasks may be the responsibility of the secretary.

NC Delegate will represent the Youth Caucus on the Green National Committee. The NC delegate is responsible for voting on proposals before the National Committee in a manner that is representative of the Youth Caucus. The NC delegate is also encouraged to participate in the discussion of these proposals. It is the responsibility of the NC Delegate to make an effort to get feedback from caucus members as to how to vote on proposals. NC delegates are the conduit by which the caucus can submit proposals to the Green National Committee. All proposals submitted by the NC delegate must be approved by the steering committee, or by a 60% vote of the members. The NC delegate shall make a good effort to get feedback from members when drafting proposals. Members may recall the NC delegate on the basis of their votes or for non- participation.

NC Alternate shall serve as NC Delegate if the NC Delegate can no longer perform the duties of the position. The NC Alternate is elected by STV with the NC Delegate. The highest vote-getter shall be NC Delegate and the second highest vote-getter shall be NC Alternate, or the two that win these seats can decide amongst themselves who will take what position.


Youth Caucus Online Forum

We have created an online forum for members of the Youth Caucus to communicate with each other. You can sign up to join the conversation. Keep in mind that because this hosted by a free service, there are a number of ads that you have to skip during the registration process. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Youth Caucus Bylaws

Bylaws were approved by members present at the Youth Caucus meeting on July 13th. As a grassroots organization, we want to be sure that the process of our formation is as inclusive as possible. Members have until July 31 to review this document. If no issues have been raised, the bylaws shall be considered ratified. 

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