Friday, July 20, 2012

Great Opportunity For the LP Georgia! (From

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One of my biggest challenges as the Executive Director of LP Georgia is managing our activities, materials, and outreach within the budget I receive from the Vice-Chairman, after it's approved by the Executive Committee.

Today, I'm writing to ask for your help.

I have a unique opportunity to bring a TREMENDOUS number of materials into our office in Atlanta that will provide us with 

  • 2000 door hangers for volunteers to place during some upcoming neighborhood walks, organized by local affiliates
  • 2000 bumper stickers for outreach booths and other activities across the state as a "reward" for "scoring Libertarian" on the World's Smallest Political Quiz
  • 2000 bumper stickers for our 2012 Presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, so that we can spread the word about our most qualified Presidential ticket in our Party's history
I need to act by Tuesday, July 24th to receive the deal I've secured for us.

Can you help by contributing to this effort?

For the first 5 donors of $25 or more before Tuesday, I'll send you 5 Gary Johnson and 5 Libertarian Party bumper stickers to place on your vehicle or to give to your like-minded friends

For the first 5 new monthly pledgers of $10 or more before Tuesday, I'll send you the same stickers as the $25 donors, along with a copy of Henry Hazlitt's "Economics in One Lesson"

For ANY new "Declare Your Independence" monthly pledgers of $17.76 before Tuesday, I'll throw in the stickers and Hazlitt's book, on top of the two LP Georgia t-shirts** we offer for monthly pledgers at that level.  **Please indicate which size t-shirt you prefer in the comments.

Your help is greatly appreciated and will provide us with some much-needed materials for our outreach this election cycle and several opportunities for our volunteers to spread our message of MAXIMUM FREEDOMMINIMUM GOVERNMENT to the voters of this great state.

Thanks for all you do for liberty!

Live Free,

Brett Bittner

Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Georgia

P.S.  If you haven't seen the pictures from Monday's activism outside CNN, click here to view the collection of pictures we took.

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