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gpga-news] PrsRls: Green Party Launches Campaign Video, highlights lies used to hawk new sales tax

    Friday, July 27th, 2012

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Green Party Launches Campaign Video
highlights lies used to hawk new sales tax

This morning the Georgia Green Party launched a new campaign video
outlining the "Top 10 Lies About T-SPLOST".  The video can be seen at:

"TSPLOST is the plutocrats plan for metro Atlanta transit at our
expense," said Bruce Dixon, cochair of the Georgia Green Party.  "Its
past time we provide the fiscal flexibility for MARTA and free the
state motor fuel tax to fund the sort of 24/7 transit system the
working people of Atlanta need.  And how about that rail they promised
South DeKalb a generation ago?"

The original leaflet was the subject of an AJC "Politifact" column
which asserted:

"There is general agreement that the sales tax is more of a burden on
lower-income people than people with higher incomes, businesses and
nonprofit institutions. But there is also evidence that the proposed
rail line is not simply a paean to Emory University.  Half the Green
Party statement is true; the other half, not so much."

However, in a post on the state party site responding to the daily
newspaper, Mr. Dixon pointed out that "They looked at just 2 of the 10
points, called one true (that sales taxes are regressive) and another
false (that Emory is getting its own light rail line for practically
nothing)," then urging that readers review the AJC themselves before
asking: "But did Politifact even read the whole Top Ten Lies?  If so,
why did they pick out only the most minor points to quibble with?  Do
they contain truths so embarrassing to the AJC and the rest of our
bipartisan elite that they thought it better not to mention them at

Party activists are urging that voters review those materials and the
video provided and make their own choices before they head to the polls
on Tuesday.  

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