Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mayhem Festival Atlanta 2012 Photo Album

On July 14th, 2012, I went to the Atlanta Mayhem Festival. It was pretty rad. Below are the pictures I was able to get. I hope you enjoy them : )

So on the way down we saw this Red Bull car. I'm not sure where the driver was going, but I thought it was pretty cool

When we finally got there, The Devil Wears Prada was rocking the Jagermeister stage.

This guy was rockin' at TDWP with us, and I loved his shirt. Shout out to the guy with the DIY Slipknot lyric shirt. "What have you got to lose, except your soul?"

Do people mix those? (Too young to know)

Giant Rockstar inflatable. I was so thirsty I would've drank the whole thing!

The Sumerian Records Stage before Upon A Burning Body came on

Danny from Upon a Burning Body Opening the set HARD!

Anthrax at the Jagermeister stage

The Whitechapel Tent


The Slipknot tent

Back at the Sumerian Records Stage before the local band - Eyes of Torment (CHECK THEM OUT!) took the stage.

Representing the Georgia Metal Alliance

Me rocking my 'Too Much Metal For One Hand' Horns in the ATL heat.

The crowd at the ampitheatre at the opening of it.


Crowd during Motorhead



I'm not done covering Mayhem yet this summer. But this ends a chapter, for sure. I was tired, beat and exhausted. I had woken up early, worked a shift and then went to Mayhem. And it was worth it!

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  1. Hey man I am Spidy the drummer of the band Eyes of Tormen. Thank you so much for digging us man and taking the pics! Mind if I throw a few of your pics on my facebook? We just released a song off our first album check it out let me know what ya think? Thanks again for this man take care

  2. well damn lol "Eyes of Torment" there we go forgot the damn "T" lol

  3. Hey bro, the picture of the Georgia Metal Alliance Back patch, was in Fact My back patch HA! Nice to see some recognition, Cheers!