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Libertarian Party Candidates 2012 (From

Libertarian Party Candidates 2012

Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, and Jim Gray, former Superior Court Judge for Orange County, California, were selected to be the Libertarian Party's Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates on May 5, 2012 by the delegates to the party's nominating convention in Las Vegas.
You can browse the other federal, state and local Libertarian candidates below or view only the candidates running in your state by visiting your state page.
If you do not see a candidate listed under his/her state, please note that election laws and filing schedules vary significantly by state. Additionally, our candidate listing policy for each of our affiliate states varies. In some cases, all candidates seeking the LP nomination are listed, while in other cases only candidates who have been nominated or endorsed by the state or local LP affiliate are listed. If you feel a candidate should be listed who is not, please contact the Libertarian Party state affiliate for more information or to request that a candidate be listed.
Please also note that the Chair of each state Libertarian Party affiliate is the final arbiter of which candidates should be listed at this website.
If you don't see any candidates in the districts where you live, then please visit this page to see how Libertarian candidates make a difference, and consider joining our team of Libertarian Party candidates.

Jim McDermott

US Representative, Alaska

Jessica Paxton

US House 1, Arkansas

Chris Hayes

US House 2, Arkansas

David Pangrac

US House 3, Arkansas

Bobby Tullis

US House 4, Arkansas

Frank Gilbert

State Senate, 13th District, Arkansas

David Dinwiddie

State Senate, 25th District, Arkansas

Glen Schwartz

State Senate, 31st District, Arkansas

Debbie Standiford

State Representative, 38th District, Arkansas

Rodger Paxton

State Representative, 51st District, Arkansas

Gordon Hall

Judge, Saline County , Arkansas

Crystal Pangrac

Justice of the Peace, Crawford County , Arkansas

Brian Leach

Justice of the Peace, Sebastian County, Arkansas

Bill House

Constable, Henderson Township, Arkansas

Steve Jones

Constable, Sebastian County Upper Township, Arkansas

Kim Allen

US House 1, Arizona

Anthony Powell

US House 2, Arizona

Blanca Guerra

US House 3, Arizona

Joe Pamelia

US House 4, Arizona

Jack Anderson

US House 6, Arizona

Joe Cobb

US House 7, Arizona

Powell Gammill

US House 9, Arizona

Kim Allen

State Senate, 11th District, Arizona

Denise Grenier

State Senate, 15th District, Arizona

Damian Trabel

State Senate, 25th District, Arizona

James Iannuzo

State Senate, 28th District, Arizona

Dean Dill

State Representative, 8th District, Arizona

Chris Will

State Representative, 26th District, Arizona

Bill Barker

State Representative, 29th District, Arizona

Michael Kielsky

Maricopa County Attorney, Arizona

Christopher Campbell

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors 4, Arizona

Gail Lightfoot

US Senate, California

Art Tuma

US House 7, California

Steve Collett

US House 33, California

Mike Benoit

US House 50, California

John Webster

State Senate, 13th District, California

Charley Hooper

State Assembly, 1st District, California

Janice Bonser

State Assembly, 8th District, California

Carissa Pillow

Brentwood City Council, California

Susan Marie Weber

Palm Desert City Council, California

David G. Cottrell

Board of Education, District 2, Colorado

Steven Ray Dellinger

Board of Education, District 4, Colorado

Daniel "New Jeffersonian" Ong

CU Regent, Colorado

Steven Hartmann

CU Regent, District 5, Colorado

Eric Robinson

CU Regent, District 7, Colorado

Frank Atwood

US House 1, Colorado

Randy Luallin

US House 2, Colorado

Gregory Gilman

US House 3, Colorado

Josh Gilliland

US House 4, Colorado

Jim Pirtle

US House 5, Colorado

Patrick E. Provost

US House 6, Colorado

Buck Bailey

US House 7, Colorado

Chris Grundemann

State Senate, 4th District, Colorado

Sacha L. Weis

State Senate, 8th District, Colorado

Brandon Hughes

State Senate, 10th District, Colorado

Dave Respecki

State Senate, 12th District, Colorado

Jeff Johnston

State Senate, 14th District, Colorado

Ken Bray

State Senate, 17th District, Colorado

Lloyd A. Sweeny

State Senate, 19th District, Colorado

Ronald G. Schweizer

State Senate, 25th District, Colorado

Robert Harrison

State Senate, 28th District, Colorado

Michelle R. Poague

State Senate, 29th District, Colorado

Courtney Kolva

State Senate, 33rd District, Colorado

William Stuart Bartley

State Senate, 35th District, Colorado

Mike Law

State Representative, 1st District, Colorado

Desiree A. Maikranz

State Representative, 2nd District, Colorado

David P. Jurist

State Representative, 3rd District, Colorado

Morton Brooks

State Representative, 6th District, Colorado

Maury B. Mingle

State Representative, 8th District, Colorado

Robert R. Searls

State Representative, 11th District, Colorado

Matthew A. Webber

State Representative, 12th District, Colorado

Howard P. Lambert

State Representative, 13th District, Colorado

R. David Lucero

State Representative, 14th District, Colorado

Larry Reedy

State Representative, 15th District, Colorado

Michael J. Giallombardo

State Representative, 16th District, Colorado

Susan Quilleash

State Representative, 17th District, Colorado

Robert "Bob" Melamede

State Representative, 18th District, Colorado

Alan MacGregor Bassett

State Representative, 19th District, Colorado

Laticia Burns

State Representative, 21st District, Colorado

Lynn L. Weitzel

State Representative, 22nd District, Colorado

Michael M. Beckerman

State Representative, 23rd District, Colorado

Christian Althen

State Representative, 24th District, Colorado

Jack J. Woehr

State Representative, 25th District, Colorado

G. T. "Bud" Martin

State Representative, 27th District, Colorado

Niles Aronson

State Representative, 28th District, Colorado

Hans V. Romer

State Representative, 29th District, Colorado

Shea Lantz

State Representative, 30th District, Colorado

Brett Halbert

State Representative, 32nd District, Colorado

W. Earl Allen

State Representative, 33rd District, Colorado

Wes Long

State Representative, 36th District, Colorado

Jonathan Barber

State Representative, 38th District, Colorado

Donna Price

State Representative, 39th District, Colorado

Jarrod C. Austin

State Representative, 44th District, Colorado

Hanna Kjerengtroen

State Representative, 45th District, Colorado

John R. Gibson

State Representative, 48th District, Colorado

Michael Renker

State Representative, 51st District, Colorado

Chad Kidder

State Representative, 52nd District, Colorado

Topher Lazarz

State Representative, 53rd District, Colorado

Tim Menger

State Representative, 54th District, Colorado

Virgil Fenn

State Representative, 55th District, Colorado

Will Hiltshcer

State Representative, 56th District, Colorado

Dan Enright

State Representative, 57th District, Colorado

Jeffrey P. Downs

State Representative, 58th District, Colorado

M. Bruce Waters

State Representative, 60th District, Colorado

Ellen Temby

State Representative, 61st District, Colorado

Nick Schneider

State Representative, 64th District, Colorado

Audrey Bray

Boulder Commissioner 2, Colorado

Matthew Hess

Douglas Commissioner 2, Colorado

Paul Passarelli

US Senate, Connecticut

Dan Reale

US House 2, Connecticut

Robert Lombardo

US House 5, Connecticut

Marc Guttman

State Senate, 20th District, Connecticut

Richard Lion

State Representative, 9th District, Connecticut

Bruce Majors

US House, District of Columbia

Jess McVay

Governor, Delaware

Margie Waite-McKeown

Lieutenant Governor, Delaware

David Eisenhour

Insurance Commissioner, Delaware

Scott Gesty

US House, Delaware

Brian Lintz

State Senate, 1st District, Delaware

Scott Gesty

State Senate, 5th District, Delaware

Gwendolyn Jones

State Senate, 6th District, Delaware

James Christina

State Senate, 7th District, Delaware

Brad Thomas

State Senate, 12th District, Delaware

Jess McVay

State Senate, 16th District, Delaware

John Potter

State Senate, 21st District, Delaware

Bob Wilson

State Representative, 7th District, Delaware

Margie Waite-McKeown

State Representative, 11th District, Delaware

Margaret Melson

State Representative, 14th District, Delaware

Calen Fretts

US House 1, Florida

Jonathan Loesche

State Representative, 14th District, Florida

Peter D. Richter

State Representative, 106th District, Florida

Rob Oates

U.S House 1, Idaho

Jeffrey Laing

State Representative, 16th District, Position A, Idaho

Mikel Hautzinger

State Representative, 17th district, Position B, Idaho

Christopher Brunt

State Representative 33rd district, Position A, Idaho

Ted Dunlap

Ada County Sherriff, Idaho

Doug Marks

State Senate, 33rd district, Illinois

Richard Clark

State Representative, 68th district, Illinois

Chad Grimm

State Representative, 92nd district, Illinois

Rupert Boheham

Governor, Indiana

Brad Klopfenstein

Lieutenant Governor, Indiana

Andrew Horning

US Senate, Indiana

Joe Ruiz

US House 2, Indiana

Chard Reid

US House 5, Indiana

Rex Bell

US House 6, Indiana

Bart Gadau

US House 8, Indiana

Jason Sharp

US House 9, Indiana

Jim Rainwater

State Representative, 28th District, Indiana

Jeremiah Morrell

State Representative, 54th District, Indiana

Mark Brim

State Representative, 56th District, Indiana

Paul Bravard

State Representative, 57th District, Indiana

Al Cox

State Representative, 65th District, Indiana

Alexander Avery

State Representative, 81st District, Indiana

James Hanson

State Representative, 84th District, Indiana

Fred Peterson

State Representative, 87th District, Indiana

James Nease

State Representative, 89th District, Indiana

Andrew Markle

Warrick County Council, At-Large, Indiana

Don Barriger

Brown County Comissioner, District 3, Indiana

Jeffrey Knoop

Marion County Superior Court Judge, Indiana

Kurt Clement

Vanderburgh County Council, At-Large, Indiana

Mark Hoelscher

Wayne County Council, At-Large, Indiana

Craig Astor

US House 2, Kentucky

Harlen Compton

Hillview City Council, Kentucky

Daniel Fishman

US House 6, Massachusetts

Dean Ahmad

US Senate, Maryland

Muir Boda

US House 1, Maryland

Leo Dymowski

US House 2, Maryland

Paul Drgos

US House 3, Maryland

Scott Soffen

US House 4, Maryland

Arvin Vohra

U.S House 5, Maryland

Nickolaus Mueller

US House 6, Maryland

Ron Owens-Bey

US House 7, Maryland

Mark Grannis

U.S House 8, Maryland

Andrew Ian Dodge

US Senate, Maine

Andy LeCureaux

State Board of Education, Michigan

Gregory Scott Stemple

University of Michigan Board of Regents, Michigan

James Lewis Hudler

University of Michigan Board of Regents, Michigan

Kerry L. Morgan

Justice of the Supreme Court, Michigan

Michael H. Miller

Michigan State University Board of Trustees , Michigan

Raymond H. Warner

Wayne State University Board of Governors, Michigan

Robert W. Roddis

Justice of the Supreme Court, Michigan

Scotty Bowman

US Senate, Michigan

Emily Salvette

US House 1, Michigan

Mary Buzuma

US House 2, Michigan

Bill Gelineau

US House 3, Michigan

John Gelineau

US House 4, Michigan

Greg Creswell

US House 5, Michigan

Christie Gelineau

US House 6, Michigan

Ken Proctor

US House 7, Michigan

Daniel Goebel

US House 8, Michigan

Jim Fulner

US House 9, Michigan

Baghwan (Bob) Dashairya

US House 10, Michigan

John J. Tatar

US House 11, Michigan

Rick Secula

US House 12, Michigan

Chris Sharer

US House 13, Michigan

Leonard Schwartz

US House 14, Michigan

Loel Gnadt

State Representative, 14th District, Michigan

Steve Boron

State Representative, 16th District, Michigan

Dan Flamand

State Representative, 18th District, Michigan

James Young

State Representative, 26th District, Michigan

John M. Wierzbicki

State Representative, 27th District, Michigan

James Miller

State Representative, 31st District, Michigan

Stephen A. Burgis

State Representative, 40th District, Michigan

James H. Lewis II

State Representative, 42nd District, Michigan

Scott W. Poquette

State Representative, 44th District, Michigan

James Weeks II

State Representative, 47th District, Michigan

William Robert Wenzel III

State Representative, 72nd District, Michigan

Ronald Heeren

State Representative, 73rd District, Michigan

Pat Steinport

State Representative, 76th District, Michigan

Larry Warner

State Representative, 77th District, Michigan

Joseph P. Gillotte

State Representative, 87th District, Michigan

Michael J. Perry

State Representative, 88th District, Michigan

Nick Sundquist

State Representative, 91st District, Michigan

Ben Bachrach

Wayne County Register of Deeds, Michigan

David Afton

Wayne County Prosecutor, Michigan

Justin M. Altman

Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney, Michigan

Keith Butkovich

Wayne County Commissioner District 11, Michigan

Richard Gach

Oakland County Commissioner, District 21, Michigan

Scott Allen

Macomb County Sherriff, Michigan

Steve Afton

Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney, Michigan

William Rushlow

Wayne County Treasurer, Michigan

Lawrence W. Johnson

Ypsilanti Township Trustee, Michigan

Will Tyler White

Meridian Township Trustee, Michigan

Bob Odden

Columbia Heights Mayor, Minnesota

Michael Grady

Hastings City Council, Minnesota

Jim Higgins

Governor, Missouri

Matthew Copple

Lieutenant Governor, Missouri

Cisse Spragins

Secretary of State, Missouri

Sean O'Toole

Treasurer, Missouri

David Browning

Attorney General, Missouri

Jonathan Dine

US Senate, Missouri

Bill Slantz

US House 2, Missouri

Steve Wilson

US House 3, Missouri

Herschel Young

US House 4, Missouri

Thomas Holbrook

US House 4, Missouri

Randy Langkraehr

US House 5, Missouri

Russ Lee Monchil

US House 6, Missouri

Kevin Craig

US House 7, Missouri

Rick Vandeven

US House 7, Missouri

Robb Cunningham

US House 1, Missouri

Steve Hedrick

State Senate, 21st District, Missouri

Bill Wayne

State Representative, 51st District, Missouri

John Alsup

State Representative, 65th District, Missouri

Julie Stone

State Representative, 66th District, Missouri

Jake Wilburn

State Representative, 130th District, Missouri

Bill Boone

State Representative, 137th District, Missouri

Jason Williams

Stoddard County Commission 1, Missouri

John Karriman

Jasper County Sherriff , Missouri

Mark "Majic" Jones

Greene County District 1 Commissioner, Missouri

Robert Trokey

Franklin County Assesor, Missouri

Verl "Chopper" Kendrick

Cass County Southern District Commander, Missouri

Joe Coleman

St. Louis County Council, District 4, Missouri

Ted Brown, Sr.

St. Louis County Council, District 4, Missouri

Danny Bedwell

US House 1, Mississippi

Ron Williams

US House 4, Mississippi

Ron Vandevender

Governor, Montana

Marc Mulcahy

Lieutenant Governor, Montana

Roger Roots

Secretary of State, Montana

Mike Fellows

Clerk of the Supreme Court, Montana

Dan Cox

US Senate, Montana

David Kaiser

US House, Montana

John Marshall

State Senate, 7th District, Montana

Rob McCoy

State Senate, 45th Distrcit, Montana

Shawn Guymon

State Representative, 3rd District, Montana

Tim Martin

State Representative, 26th District, Montana

Timothy Adams

State Representative, 63rd District, Montana

Scott Vandevender

State Representative, 84th District, Montana

Karen Fisher

State Representative, 87th District, Montana

Stephen Rodriguez

State Representative, 88th District, Montana

Andell Elwell

State Representative, 89th District, Montana

Toby Martin

State Representative, 90th District, Montana

Barbara Howe

Governor, North Carolina

Darryl Holloman

US House 1, North Carolina

Brian Irving

US House 2, North Carolina

Thomas Hill

US House 8, North Carolina

Curtis Campbell

US House 9, North Carolina

Brandon Black

State Senate, 24th District, North Carolina

Richard Evey

State Senate, 46th District, North Carolina

Kevin Hayes

State Representative, 4th District, North Carolina

William Rike IV

State Representative, 13th District, North Carolina

Jesse Shearin

State Representative, 27th District, North Carolina

Ron Reale

State Representative, 40th District, North Carolina

Kent Wilsey

State Representative, 62nd District, North Carolina

Benjamin Romans

Cashe County Commissioner, North Carolina

Lon Cecil

Davidson County Commissioner, North Carolina

David Speight

Davidson County Commissioner, North Carolina

Lewis Guignard

Gaston County Commissioner, North Carolina

Jason Bateman

Mechlenburg County Commissioner, North Carolina

Adam Brooks

Randolph County Commissioner, North Carolina

Roland Riemers

Governor, North Dakota

Joshua Voytek

Public Service Commissioner, North Dakota

Eric Olson

US House, North Dakota

Roland Riemers

Grand Forks School District Board, North Dakota

Bill Pojunis

US House 1, Nevada

Joe Silvestri

US House 4, Nevada

Chris Edes

U.S Senate, New York

Rick Witt

US House 1, New York

Dan Riina

US House 2, New York

Dan Halloran

US House 6, New York

Dave Schnittker

US House 26, New York

John K. Wilson

State Assembly, 37th District, New York

John Fockler

U.S Senate, Ohio

Jim Berns

U.S House 1, Ohio

Richard Ehrbar

U.S House 3, Ohio

Chris Kalla

U.S House 4, Ohio

Eric Eberly

U.S House 5, Ohio

Sean Stipe

U.S House 9, Ohio

David Harlow

U.S House 10, Ohio

Jeffrey Blevins

U.S House 16, Ohio

Paul Hinds

State Senate, 12th District, Ohio

Nathan Eberly

State Representative, 3rd District, Ohio

Mike Johnston

State Representative, 19th District, Ohio

Bradley Smith

State Representative, 21st District, Ohio

Robert Ryan

State Representative, 28th District, Ohio

John Deegan

State Representative, 48th District, Ohio

Robert Coogan

State Representative, 52nd District, Ohio

Robert Sherwin

State Representative, 57th District, Ohio

Don Kissick

Allen County Commissioner, Ohio

Daryl Olthaus

Butler County Commissioner, Ohio

Bob Frey

Hamilton County Commissioner, Ohio

James Snedden, Jr.

Licking County Commissioner, Ohio

Roger Staton

Warren County Common Pleas, Ohio

Brad Waltz

Wood County Commissioner, Ohio

Abe Alassaf

Athen County Treasurer, Ohio

Robert T. Murphy

US House 5, Oklahoma

Robert Prawdzienski

State Senate, 41st District, Oklahoma

Marakay Rogers

Attorney General, Pennsylvania

Betsy Summers

Auditor General, Pennsylvania

Patricia M. Fryman

Treasurer, Pennsylvania

Rayburn Douglas Smith

US Senate, Pennsylvania

Mike Koffenberger

US House 4, Pennsylvania

Timothy Havener

US House 5, Pennsylvania

Theodore Manko lll

US House 13, Pennsylvania

Demo Agoris

US House 18, Pennsylvania

Joshua Anthony Pasen

State Senate, 21st District, Pennsylvania

Michael J. Robertson

State Representative, 63rd District, Pennsylvania

Tim Russell

State Representative, 64th District, Pennsylvania

Erik Viker

State Representative, 85th District, Pennsylvania

David Moser

State Representative, 95th District, Pennsylvania

Patrick Killy

State Representative, 138th District, Pennsylvania

Ken Krawchuk

State Representative, 153rd District, Pennsylvania

T. Patrick Murray

State Representative, 167th District, Pennsylvania

Mike Rollins

State Senate, 4th District, Rhode Island

Daniel Gordon, Jr.

State Representative, 71st District, Rhode Island

Tony C. Jones

East Greenwich Town Moderator, Rhode Island

Keith Blandford

US House 1, South Carolina

Michael Carmany

State Representative, 8th District, South Carolina

Jeremy Walters

State Representative, 26th District, South Carolina

Victor Kocher

State Representative, 79th District, South Carolina

Rodney Travis

State Representative, 109th District, South Carolina

Dr. Shaun Crowell

US Senate, Tennessee

Greg Samples

US House 2, Tennessee

Daniel Lewis

State Representative, 52nd District, Tennessee

Jaime O. Perez

Railroad Commissioner, Texas

Thomas Nance lll

Railroad Commissioner, Texas

Vik Wall

Railroad Commissioner, Texas

Roberto Koelsch

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2, Texas

Tom Oxford

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4, Texas

Mark Ash

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6, Texas

Lance Stott

Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Texas

Mark W. Bennett

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7, Texas

William Bryan Strange lll

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8, Texas

Dr. S. Gopal Raju

US Senate, Texas

John J. Myers

US Senate, Texas

Jon Roland

US Senate, Texas

Robert Butler

US Senate, Texas

Scott Jameson

US Senate, Texas

Wayne Huffman

US Senate, Texas

Clark Patterson

US House 1, Texas

Kenneth Duncan

US House 2, Texas

Thomas Griffing

US House 4, Texas

Ken Ashby

US House 5, Texas

Hugh Chauvin

US House 6, Texas

Drew Parks

US House 7, Texas

Roy Hall

US House 8, Texas

John Wieder

US House 9, Texas

Richard Priest

US House 10, Texas

Scott Ballard

US House 11, Texas

Matthew Solodow

US House 12, Texas

John Robert Deek

US House 13, Texas

Zach Grady

US House 14, Texas

Ronald Finch

US House 15, Texas

Junart Sodoy

US House 16, Texas

Ben Easton

US House 17, Texas

Christopher Barber

US House 18, Texas

Chip Peterson

US House 19, Texas

Tracey Potts

US House 20, Texas

John-Henry Liberty

US House 21, Texas

Steve Susman

US House 22, Texas

Jeffrey Blunt

US House 23, Texas

John Stathas

US House 24, Texas

Betsy Dewey

US House 25, Texas

Mark Boler

US House 26, Texas

Corrie Byrd

US House 27, Texas

Patrick Hisel

US House 28, Texas

James Stanczak

US House 29, Texas

Ed Rankin

US House 30, Texas

Ethan Garofolo

US House 31, Texas

Seth Hollist

US House 32, Texas

Steven "Ziggy" Shanklin

US House 34, Texas

Ross Lynn Leone

US House 35, Texas

Michael Cole

US House 36, Texas

Bob Townsend

State Senate, 4th District, Texas

Jeffrey Fox

State Senate, 5th District, Texas

Ed Kless

State Senate, 8th District, Texas

Dave McElwee

State Senate, 9th District, Texas

John A. Betz, Jr.

State Senate, 12th District, Texas

Ryan M. Dixon

State Senate, 14 District, Texas

Jared Leiman

State Senate, 16th District, Texas

Austin Page

State Senate, 17th District, Texas

Joseph Morse

State Senate, 21st District, Texas

Tom Kilbride

State Senate, 22nd District, Texas

N. Rubén Florés Peréz

State Senate, 26th District, Texas

M.J. "Smitty" Smith

State Senate, 28th District, Texas

Richard Forsythe

State Senate, 30th District, Texas

Tim Eason

State Representative, 1st District, Texas

Charles F. Parkes III

State Representative, 6th District, Texas

Joshua Baker

State Representative, 14th District, Texas

Sterling Russell

State Representative, 15th District, Texas

Richard R. Johnson

State Representative, 23th District, Texas

John Henry Petter, IV

State Representative, 27th District, Texas

Michael A. Carrasco

State Representative, 33rd District, Texas

Nancy Mishou

State Representative, 38th District, Texas

Jim Duke

State Representative, 45th District, Texas

Andy Fernandez

State Representative, 46th District, Texas

Nick Tanner

State Representative, 47th District, Texas

Joe Edgar

State Representative, 48th District, Texas

Kent Phillips

State Representative, 49th District, Texas

Arthur DiBianca

State Representative, 51st District, Texas

Lillian Martinez Simmons

State Representative, 52nd District, Texas

Neill Snider

State Representative, 56th District, Texas

Bruce Hermann

State Representative, 63rd District, Texas

Ian C. Kull

State Representative, 64th District, Texas

Richard Brown

State Representative, 69th District, Texas

Rex Black

State Representative, 73rd District, Texas

Sean Fatzinger

State Representative, 92nd District, Texas

Bruce Beckman

State Representative, 93rd District, Texas

David Eyerly

State Representative, 94th District, Texas

Max W. Koch III

State Representative, 96th District, Texas

Rod Wingo

State Representative, 97th District, Texas

Michael Goolsby

State Representative, 98th District, Texas

Dan Hawkins

State Representative, 99th District, Texas

Carl Nulsen

State Representative, 101nd District, Texas

Rodney Caston

State Representative, 106th District, Texas

Patrick Spreng

State Representative, 107th District, Texas

Jarrett Rab Woods

State Representative, 108th District, Texas

Dexter Jackson

State Representative, 109th District, Texas

Preston Poulter

State Representative, 115nd District, Texas

Arthur M. Thomas IV

State Representative, 121nd District, Texas

Alfred N. Montestruc

State Representative, 131th District, Texas

Phil Kurtz

State Representative, 132nd District, Texas

Gerald W. (Jerry) LaFleur

State Representative, 133rd District, Texas

Matthew W. Whittington

State Representative, 136th District, Texas

Lee Coughran

State Representative, 138th District, Texas

Robb Rourke

State Representative, 144st District, Texas

Bill Grisham

Bexar County Tax Assessor Collector, Texas

Charles C. Hutyra

McLennan County Sheriff, Texas

Dave F. Benton

Tom Green County Sheriff, Texas

David Kinney

Hockley County Sheriff, Texas

Jaclyn L. Finkel

Travis County Sherriff, Texas

Jesse Hopson

Harris County Tax Assessor Collector, Texas

John Gomez

Denton County Tax Assessor Collector, Texas

Ken Stafford ll

Tarrant County Tax Assessor Collector, Texas

Lee Elliott

Bowie County Tax Assessor Collector, Texas

Mike Andras

Williamson County Sherriff, Texas

Mike Burris

Travis County Tax Assessor Collector, Texas

Marlene Dougherty

Cameron County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 Place 1, Texas

Bernd Deblouw

Gregg County Constable Precinct 1, Texas

Carolyn K. Gorman

Travis County Commissioner Precinct 1, Texas

Harold Doty

Brazoria County Commissioner Precinct 1, Texas

James Lancaster

Harris County Constable Precinct 1, Texas

Jerry R. Russell, Jr.

Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct 1, Texas

John Jackson

Williamson County Constable Precinct 2, Texas

Raul "Roy" Comacho

Travis County Constable Precinct 2, Texas

James Andrews

Williamson County Commissioner Precinct 3, Texas

James M. Holland

Bexar County Commissioner Precinct 3, Texas

Patrick Dixon

Travis County Commissioner Precinct 3, Texas

Scott G. McKinlay

Travis County Constable Precinct 3, Texas

David Hull-Rudowski

Travis County Constable Precinct 4, Texas

Michael M. Holt

Travis County Constable Precinct 5, Texas

Ken Larsen

Governor, Utah

J. Robert Latham

Lieutenant Governor, Utah

Andy McCullough

Attorney General, Utah

Vince Marcus

State Treasurer, Utah

Jim Vein

US House 4, Utah

Courtney White

State Senate, 19th District, Utah

Jared Paul Stratton

State Representative, 8th District, Utah

Kevin Bryan

State Representative, 16th District, Utah

Chelsea Travis

State Representative, 35th district, Utah

Chase Lantis

State Representative, 47th district, Utah

Kenny Barlow

State Representative, 59th district, Utah

Barry Short

State Representative, 72nd District, Utah

Xavian Draper

US House 3, Virginia

Robert S. Kraus

Alexandria City Council, Virginia

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