Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Give Gov. Johnson a Podium (From the Gary Johnson for President Campaign)

Let’s put Gov. Gary Johnson on the national debate stage!

You know the story. The elite national news media and the Establishment-created Commission on Presidential Debates have rigged the game to try to limit this fall’s presidential debates to only the Democrat Barack Obama, and the Republican Mitt Romney.

They have rigged the debates by picking a number out of the air and declaring that a presidential candidate must have at least 15 percent support in a sample of national polls that – you guessed it – they choose.

Never mind that one out of three Americans don’t consider themselves to be either Republicans or Democrats, or that, in poll after poll, a sizable percentage of voters say they would seriously consider a ‘third party’ candidate.

And never mind that their arbitrary and unfair polling requirement might exclude from the debates a successful two-term governor who will likely be on the ballot in all 50 states.

If you agree that this debate-rigging is just plain wrong, go and do something about it. Give Gov. Johnson a podium by joining our “15% in the Polls” Money Bomb.

The two-party establishment doesn’t want Gov. Gary Johnson in the debates for one simple reason: They don’t really want to have debates. They don’t really want to give a national microphone to a candidate who will challenge business-as-usual. And if they succeed in keeping Gov. Johnson off the stage, they will get exactly what they want.

What they want is a “debate” between two candidates who will argue over which government health care program is better, Obamacare or Romneycare. They don’t want to hear from a candidate who will actually scrap the job-killing tax code. What they want is a Republican and a Democrat who will just quibble about how to tinker with the existing system that lets them hand out subsidies and benefits to their friends.

Without Gov. Johnson on the debate stage, there will be NO debate about wars. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both support foreign intervention. There will be NO debate about civil liberties. Just a Democrat and a Republican who both support the Patriot Act, who both will continue the failed War on Drugs, and neither of whom will defend marriage equality as a constitutional right.

If you want REAL debates, go to today and make a contribution that will put Gov. Johnson on the stage.

America deserves – and wants – to see real presidential debates. With enough financial support, we can make sure that Gov. Johnson has an opportunity to deliver a message of true liberty, real freedom and financial sanity. Help him show America that there really is a choice in this election.

The goal of our Money Bomb, starting today, is to raise $10,000 for every percentage point in the polls we need in order to put a podium on the stage for Gov. Johnson. Help make sure we do just that! Go today and make a contribution.

Your support is the key. We can do this.

Thank you,

Ron Nielson
Senior Advisor
Gary Johnson 2012

P.S. In case you missed it, Politico is the latest news outlet to take notice of “The Gary Johnson Factor”. You can read it here:

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