Monday, May 7, 2012

Walmart: End the Corruption and the Cover-Up (

My name is Venanzi Luna. I’ve been working at Walmart for seven years. I’m currently a department manager at the store. I’m taking care of my dad who is very ill now. He always taught me to be a fighter. He is the reason I am writing this petition.
I’ve given a lot to this company and I’m very angry that top executives at Walmart are said to be involved in bribing public officials in Mexico and then trying to cover the whole thing up. I’m worried because while I am working hard, now I’m hearing that they’re risking our company by lying and cheating. For years my coworkers and I have been saying that this company has lost its way. I didn’t realize it had gotten this bad!
It is time for things to change. Walmart needs to take responsibility for its actions and change its leadership. I need you to help send Walmart a message: No one, no matter how rich and powerful they are, should get away with bribery. Please stand with me in calling for a change of leadership and a real investigation into what happened.

Sign here.

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