Thursday, May 31, 2012


Zogby has agreed to include Governor Johnson in their polling!  A few others have yet to respond.

Please call the following companies and ask them to include Gov. Gary Johnson:

GALLUP: 202-715-3030, 404-525-9930, 949-474-7900, or 312-357-0199
RASMUSSEN: 732-776-9777 
MASON-DIXON: 202-548-2680
MARQUETTE: 414-288-7445 or 608-263-2022
QUINNIPIAC: 203-582-5201
SURVEY USA: 800-786-8000

Your calls will make the difference! 

Call for Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Virgil Goode (Constitution), Jill Stein (Green) or all three!

"If history is violence and sex, I'd rather not pay my respects. If I've caused offense, I'm just trying to talk sense. Forgive me if I'm too direct or politically incorrect." Jon Foreman

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