Sunday, May 27, 2012

Candidate Letter (From Hayden Collins)

From Hayden Collins running for the Republican nomination for State Senate in District 52 in Georgia


The following is a letter from a candidate running for office in Bartow County. The Bartow County Republican Party does not endorse or give deference to any Republicans during Primary races. We are willing to help any and all candidates who ask us to pass along information to the informed voters who subscribe to our emails. We will limit these to one per candidate so as not to bombard your inbox, but we realize that you are interested in making an informed decision at the polls so we will keep you abreast of all of the various meet & greet events and candidate engagement opportunities as they become known to us.
In liberty,
Louis Debroux

Dear Resident of Northwest Georgia,
My name is Hayden Collins, and I would like to earn your support as state senator for the new Georgia Senate District 52.
My wife Sandra and I have lived in Northwest Georgia for over 20 years. I have held numerous leadership positions in this community - directing natural disaster response as a Captain in the Georgia Department of Defense, guiding our youth as the commander of Civil Air Patrol squadrons in Rome and Calhoun, Boy Scout leader and mentor for Georgia Youth Challenge, as a committee chairman at my church, and serving with Sandra as foster and adoptive parents. As a legacy of my family's traditions and my own service in the armed forces, service to and leadership in the community is an integral part of our lives.
I have seen the challenges that Northwest Georgia faces, and I see tremendous opportunities to move beyond them, with strong, focused, conservative leadership. I have the experience - from combat zones to conference tables - that we need to break through indecisiveness and make tough decisions, to find new solutions, and to consistently pursue success for District 52:
Success in business: I have worked with Fortune 100 companies, bringing together businesses from several countries that did not speak the same language, identifying a common goal, and leading the team to achieve it - despite language and social barriers on a worldwide scale - and become successful. I will lead Northwest Georgia to find and implement the strategies, partnerships, and economic opportunities that will benefit us now, and position us to attract new business and be ready for growth.
Success in education: Education is key to our success - as individuals and as a community. I am a lifelong learner and recognize the success that innovation can provide - whether in utilizing online education as a cost-effective alternative to brick-and-mortar facilities, to community service that puts students at the head of the line for scholarships, to community college and online training options that enable everyone who wants to work to be able to achieve the necessary skills, to opportunities for internships that will give kids the experience and self-confidence to achieve their own goals.
Success as a community: Economic challenges affect us all, and we feel it at our kitchen tables. I have run my own business and I know the dedication it takes. I suffer along with the working man, because I am the working man. I fill up my gas tank and drive back and forth to work, I pay the same prices, with the same struggles as everyone else in this district. We can build a better future - for ourselves and for our children. I believe that there are workable solutions that can enhance Northwest Georgia, even in hard economic times. We must work together to connect our resources and abilities with the best possible options for investment, for business growth, and for community enhancement. And we need to Be About It.
Our efforts to increase the opportunities here will benefit not only our community but the region as a whole. This is a good community, and I will need its support to lead the charge for its success. I have long worked for positive change - in my personal beliefs, my commitment to continuous movement in a positive direction, and fresh energy that the other candidates for this seat cannot match. I invite you to listen to "The Hayden Collins Radio Program" - which can be heard online on Saturdays at noon, or see videos from past radio shows on YouTube, as well as my biography and my blogs about current events - at
With your support, I can bring the leadership that will make a difference in Northwest Georgia. I need marketing volunteers and "internet warriors" to help get the word out and I'm asking for donations to help me raise the funds needed to launch and sustain this effort. Please visit my website, look for the "Donate" button on the home page, and click on the link to the "Get Involved" page. I will bring energy to the table that cannot be matched. I will fight like a warrior and serve like a servant.
This is a new Senate district and a new opportunity for Northwest Georgia. With my leadership, we can make the most of it.
Thank you in advance for your encouragement and support.

Donate at:
Hayden Collins
475 East Main Street P.O. Box 214

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