Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gov. Buddy Roemer for President - America's Best Blogging Scholarship

Gov. Buddy Roemer for President - America's Best Blogging Scholarship

     Governor Buddy Roemer is the most obvious choice for the 2012 presidential election. Governor Roemer has served in Congress and as Governor in Louisiana, but not before going to Harvard at sixteen and graduating with a Master's degree in Finance. He even worked on writing a Constitution for the state of Louisiana and currently owns and runs a community bank that is worth $600 million and has never taken a single cent of federal bail out money.
In these current economic times I cannot think of a better candidate to vote for then Governor Roemer. If there is one thing he seems to know, it's the economy and money, but he's not a single issue candidate. His biggest crusade is against corruption in politics. He has spent a year speaking against how big money buys elections and about how we should not have bailed out the big banks. He's even come out and supported Occupy Wall Street, he has been the only candidate to do so in words and in actions, even though the Labor Unions and the mainstream Democratic party have tried hard to overtake Occupy Wall Street and make it a branch of their party. Even Michael Moore went on Jay Leno and said that President Obama was the Occupy President.
But Governor Roemer is the one who fights against big money. He doesn't take any PAC or Super PAC money and only accepts individual donations of a hundred dollars or less.
Beyond that, he opposes the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying he wants to bring our troops home from oil duty. He wants to see America become energy independent. He's pro-life, but accepts the exceptions of rape and incest. He says that he's a "Good Ol' Methodist Boy" but will not make a federal move against gay marriage, saying it should be left to the states. He said that when he was Governor of Louisiana the state paid for students to go to college, and that he would work to implement a similar system at the federal level.
I have worked on the Governor's campaign in Manchester during the New Hampshire primary, I have met him personally and have supported him since the fall. I still think that he is the best candidate, not only in words, but in experience and action. As long as he stays in the race I will support him.

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  1. You have much to learn. Go to Mr. Lessig's web page and read the comments, both from Buddy Roemer advocates, such as you, and from his critics. You owe it to yourself and your responsibility as a voter in this democracy to be well-informed.

    I assume that you will not allow this comment to be published, just as you have prevented a previous similar comment.

  2. thanks alexander great writing!

    just diogenes the cynic! dang it must be awful being you! one day when you grow up you may have to answer to your child or just a wife or partner pleading with you to stop being such a donkey child! you are one of a few trolls who have bored me! silly you!