Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Want Jill or Cheri at Your Event?

Jill's schedule for September is completely full and we're starting to fill her October calendar as well.  The same goes for Cheri.  

Do you want one of them at your event?  Is there something huge going on in your area that we should be at?  Let me know today!  

We've already gotten tons of event requests from all over the country, so it's time for the best of the best.  Put together a proposal for a day or two in your area and we may be able to get one of them there.  

What makes a great proposal?  We need to be reaching out to people from many different communities, not just Greens.  Great proposals in the past have included speaking events with peace organizations, rallies at college campuses, marching with labor unions, etc.  They have great media opportunties and often contain at least one fundraising event.  

Do you think your proposal will make the cut?  First, check out our guidelines for hosting Jill or Cheri-if you can't meet these guidelines, please do not send in your request.  After you've read these, fill out this form with all the required information.  

I look forward to reading all of your ideas! 

Tia Nowack
Associate Campaign Manager

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