Thursday, October 13, 2011

Buddy Roemer - An Independent and Free Thinker in a World Bought and Sold by Corporatism?

    Buddy Roemer is running for the Republican Party Nomination for President in 2012. He was a four term congressman and a one term governor, both of the state of Louisiana. Not to dwell on the two party dichotomy, but I want to point out that he switched from Democrat to Republican. He did this in 1991, after fighting with Ronald Reagan in Congress. I think that this, combined with his support for the Occupy Wall Street Movement is a good sign of his independence. He is a free thinker and he's running his campaign with a $100 maximum donation, full disclosure process. He's not taking any PAC money, any Super PAC money, no lobbyist money and no corporate money.  He wants to serve the American people, not the multi - national corporations. This is something I appreciate. I'm a believer that there is a three pronged problem. You have the corporations, the politicians and the mainstream media. They are all interconnected. The corporations fund the politicians and the mainstream media. The politicians make it legal for the corporations to buy politicians and buy preferable legislation. Buddy Roemer wants to cut the ties between corporations and politicians. Repurifying one of those three prongs. I support him because of this stance, and because he believes in the OWS Movement. Buddy Roemer, who started his own successful bank that didn't take any bailout money, hasn't been allowed in a single debate. Does anyone else see an issue with this? I've wrote a lot lately about how important debate is to the American process. I love conversation and debate. Look in your local bookstore you can buy the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist Papers, both several hundred pages long, those were the debates this country is founded on. Now we have two hour debates that provide ten second soundbites, where the commercial break is as important as the dialogue, and not all the candidates can get a podium on the stage or a seat at the table!
     Buddy consistently points out, and validly, I believe, that he is the only candidate running now who has been a Congressman and a Governor. He has legislative and executive experience. Combine that with his successful small business experience, and I don't know why in this election season, focused on the economy and jobs, Governor Roemer cannot even get onto a debate! It's because the corporations he's fighting against own the mainstream media who host the debates he can't get into. They fund the polls he does poorly on. As long as you soley watch cable news, they control what you do and do not know. This is not right, and it is crippling not only the conversations in this country, but the honest campaigns of legitimate candidates like Buddy Roemer.

Now I'm going to publish a few videos here of the Governor and a link to his website, so you can kind of get a feel for what he's like.

Buddy Roemer's 2012 Campaign Website

A petition site to debate organizers and sponsors to let Buddy into the debates (I don't believe that it's part of the official campaign, however).

Buddy Roemer's CSPAN Webpage

A Link to Buddy Roemer's Jobs Speech

Buddy's Youtube Page

Now, the first video. It's a campaign video. Watch how he doesn't attack a single candidate:

Here is Buddy Roemer discussing Occupy Wall Street with Adam Green and Lawrence O' Donnell:

And I'll close with this campaign ad that I just love:

Anyway, that's my two sense on Buddy Roemer and the current system. I think the former Governor and former Congressman deserves a fair shake, and so I'm trying to offer it to him.
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