Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Off the Cuff Rant #1

     I have yet to, since starting this blog, do an off the cuff rant. Completely unedited, completely uncensored. The grammar promises to be less than perfect and the ideas may run or even be completely jumbled. But I want to go ahead and take all I know and/or think I know about the current presidential and political landscape and spew it out onto the keyboard for my readership to enjoy.
     So, I'll start with what everyone is paying attention to. The mainstream GOP field. The MSM, and therefore most of my audience are ignoring fringe, fourth tier candidates Buddy Roemer and Fred Karger, while Gary Johnson fights for recognition and attention, Jon Huntsman tries to convince people he's not a democrat in disguise, Mitt Romney leads, Cain and Gingrich move on up, Tim Pawlenty and Thaddeus McCotter join the Romney camp and Bachmann and Perry try to get back up to and stay in the top tier of candidates. But lets face it. One way or the other, all of these candidates, save for Buddy Roemer, either believe in capitulation to the big banks and big corporations, or they are direct slaves to them through the donations they have accepted. I do not know which is worse, Romney or Perry, at bluntly and openly being a bought and paid for politician. If you want more of the same. If you want the banks and the corporations to get all the money while the middle class sinks into the lower class and the poor get poorer, than elect any of nine of the ten candidates I mentioned up there, and the one I forgot, Santorum. Buddy Roemer, while being a pretty good conservative and Republican, has raised my eyebrow simply because he refuses to accept any more than $100 dollars in any single donation. He accepts no PAC money, no corporate money, no insurance money, nothing. His whole gimmick is 'Free to Lead.' And honestly? I'm buying. (Check it out: Freetolead.com)
     Of course, if the democratic candidates currently filed with the FEC don't get on a primary ballot with the president, I will take advantage of voting in the Republican Primary when it makes it's way to Georgia, all depending on who makes it to my lovely little state. If Perry makes it to my state, I will make it a point to vote against him, simply for the fact that he is an anti - seventeenth amendment elitist. Does he really want to give the power back to the state legislatures? Forgive me if I've said this before, but in my mind, if it comes to giving power to the federal or state government, give it to the state, but, if it comes to giving power to the state government or the people, GIVE IT TO THE PEOPLE!!!!
     And yes, I dabbled into studies of the federalist papers in high school, and I'm so glad that the federalist papers are not part of the law. I would say in the Federalist vs. Anti - Federalist dichotomy, I would be an Anti - Federalist every time. Maybe I lean a little to the side of intellectual Anarchist, here, but while the popular majority elected the state legislature, that does not mean that the popular majority will prefer whom the state legislature elects to serve us in the senate. By giving the people the power to directly elect their senators, it lessens the 'Pay to Play' atmosphere, which is already thick in American politics. (While I'm at it, I will point out that I'm for the direct election of the president, i.e. the abolishment of the Electoral College.)
     I am not ignorant to the counterarguments in favor of the electoral college and the state legislatures use in helping the masses elect Statespeople. The Federalist Papers argument, the one that still stands today, and has been reverberated by such personalities as John Stossel, says that the general populous may be too ignorant, short-sighted and too emotionally charged in order to vote for a proper "leader." Right of the bat i'd like to point out I thought they were elected servants, representatives, not leaders. State legislators, Congresspeople and Senators are not supposed to lead, but are supposed to understand what the people want, and simply enact it out. The only elected officials who have the excuse of calling themselves leaders are the onese elected to executive positions, as they often have to make very tough decisions. Though I don't know if there's a law that says they cannot release 'classified' information and open an American dialogue about it, I will concede that they probably don't have the time for that when it comes to most of the decisions they have to make. Still, with this concession, I would have to ponder how much a President could compromise between leader and servant, if said President was to put their mind to it.
     To change gears, I want to remind the electorate that registered with the FEC are 229 candidates for president. Fifth - Tier Republican candidates, Democrats people have never heard of before, Third partiers, fourth partiers, independents and no partiers. The only time when you have to forfiet your vote to a 'lesser of the two evils' is when you buy into the Mainstream Media, corporate bought and paid for scam that only Republicans or Democrats are electable. As for myself? I will vote for the candidate I think is best, come November 8th, 2012. I will hold my head up high knowing I did not vote for a candidate I despise just in attempts to stop a candidate I despise even more from winning. That is not the way our Representative Democracy, our Democratic Republic, our whatever you call it, is supposed to function.
     If I were to vote tomorrow, I'd vote for the Green Party Candidate Kent Mesplay. That is the honest truth. I would not vote for Obama, and even if Gary Johnson won the nomination, he has lost my vote, whatever it would have been worth to him.

Till next time,

Joshua Alexander Fisher

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

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