Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anger Sparks Initiative from a Roemer Volunteer

Anger is an interesting human emotion.  It gets a bad reputation because it often manifests itself in some form of aggression, but if positively focused it can be a powerful motivating force for change.

I flew 3,000 miles to Manchester, New Hampshire to volunteer for the Buddy Roemer for President Campaign…because I'm angry.

In 2008 I voted for Barack Obama under the auspice that he was going to change the way government functioned.  After watching three years of his presidency it's clear to me that there really has been no change whatsoever.  The existing two party system has fallen into a state of disrepair; like children on a playground, each side pointing the finger at the other as the main culprit for a lack of action.  Most elected officials are too interested in propping up their own egos and funding their re-election campaigns; they do so at the death of governance and leadership.  While it's not written in stone that candidates need to collect corporate donations in order to win elections, it has become the standard practice.  Candidates know that the side that raises the most money has a 90% chance of being the one who gives the winning speech on Election Day and corporate money is perceived to be the quickest way to the top; laziness is a true friend of the greedy.

Corporate money buys government influence in legislation to the detriment of democratic fair-play.  Imagine a baseball game where the teams are THE AMERICAN PEOPLE vs. THE SPECIAL INTERESTS.  If that game was played today THE SPECIAL INTERESTS would start each of their at-bats with a runner already on third base and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE would start each of their at-bats with one out already on the board.

This is not a fight against capitalism; it's a fight against corporatism and corporate plutocracy.  It's about getting back to the roots of capitalism where someone can invest in an idea and make their own way in this country; hopefully opening up opportunities for others in the process.  It's about the same rules applying to everyone in the game, not preferential treatment to the ones with the biggest check.

Governor Roemer is the ONLY candidate running for president who is addressing this vital issue.  None of the other candidates even mention campaign finance reform.  I believe he's being shut out of debates because the other candidates can't afford to talk about the institutional corruption afflicting D.C.  They can't risk shutting off the spigot of special interest money.

That's why I'm not only supporting Governor Buddy Roemer in this election but joining him and his staff directly on the front lines.  In over two decades as an eligible voter this is the first time I have volunteered for ANY political campaign.

I'm angry.  Governor Roemer is angry.  Everyone in this country ought to be angry at the nonsense that passes for governance today.  The answer to this frustration isn't apathy.  Apathy only feeds the broken status quo.  The answer for me and anyone else out there who values hard work over horse-shit is to get involved.

Thank you,

David Pauli
San Francisco, CA

P.S. If you want to make a difference, please join us in New Hampshire, or make phone calls from home. Email for details.
"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."

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  1. There has been change in how the government works. It has gotten worse. I can not lay the blame at Obamas feet though. Boehner has played a major part as have Reid Pelosi and Mcconnell in creating a divide that has crippled our ability to pass logical legislation.
    We can't get jobs going in this country with the restrictions and regulations placed on business but we can blow the lid off of campaign finance. You bet the people are angry. Almost everyone I speak to is.
    Governor Roemer is being muted by an equally unresponsive if not controlled main stream media but I believe that will have to change as the MSM model is outdated. Welcome to the age of Social Media. Something else that has tried to have been squashed through legislation but was unsuccessful.
    The time is right for change. Has been overdue in my opinion. Governor Roemer sounds like the only one to have the ability and desire to deliver that change. Not just vague generalities but a clear concise plan of action. I support Governor Buddy Roemer. Also our mom and pop stores as I am fed up with big box corporatism, outsourcing and the fleecing of the American public.
    If you can't see what's been happening you either have your head in the sand (or somewhere else) or you just don't care. Either response is unacceptable as there is too much at stake.