Friday, July 29, 2011

Poem #3

Pain like lightening cracks the soul.
All the dismal memories
Resonate in your heart like thunder.
The storm rages in your mind.
You try to conquer the world.
You try to conquer love
And life,
Reason and thought,
You want to be the master,
And this, this is why the pain, like lightening, cracks your soul.
Because you try to control too much.
Not too much in the sense that your being obnoxious,
It is just a simple truth,
Too much more than you can bear.
We are all given the death sentence of mortality,
All given the seismic burden of morality,
And like the little kid,
Trying to impress their parent,
We take on too much,
And when we cannot succeed,
As we’d like to,
We punish ourselves.
We come down on ourselves like the greatest mountain, crushing the weakest man.
And still, we do not deserve this,
We deserve better than this!
If we shall all be fated to die,
Than we all deserve happiness,
And should there be thunder in our lives, it should be the greatest thunder of laughter,
Chasing away all the self - conscious doubt.

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