Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Argument

     I started researching for a piece on the debt ceiling. I was pulling from all arguments on all sides of the spectrum. It was going to be a full and complete informative piece on a subject I am sure I am too ignorant to officiate over. About halfway through reading my third or fourth article, the piece that follows demanded to be written, and so it was. I’m glad I’m not some big, popular, Mainstream Media type. If I was, everyone nationwide would take this piece as a challenge to label and relabel me, completely missing all of my points. At any rate, I hope you enjoy what you are about to read, I hope it is educational and inspiring. Feel free forward this and to fill my inbox with feedback.

- Alexander Fisher

     Some people say the government is too big, and I agree! Big enough to tell me I’m too poor and too old to have health insurance. Big enough to tell two consenting adults, gay or straight, that they can’t perform sodomy or oral sex in the privacy of their own bedrooms, even while giving pregnant sixteen year olds the right to marry. (Both of these based on Georgia law. I go off of Georgia law because I know it best, but do any of your local or state laws make you scratch your head?) Big enough to tell homosexuals they do not, can not and will not have the same rights as heterosexuals. And I apologize to my federalists and my 10th Amendment - ers. But the government is too big on all levels: Federal, state and local. In my home state of Georgia, in the name of supporting law abiding citizens and future citizens, Governor Nathan Deal passed a law that would kick out all the illegal immigrants and replace them in working situations with EX - CONVICTS! Now, do not get me wrong, I’m all for second chances and things like that, but what we are facing in Georgia, a state heavily dependant on Agriculture, is a total loss of $1 billion stemming from spoiled and unpicked produce, according to the Georgia Agribusiness Council, because of this switch from migrant to ex-con workers. And this in a time when HOPE, a program designed to help students pay for their college tuition, is being cut.
     So, let us see what the government has done fore me:
1.) Deemed me too poor and too old for health insurance
2.) Deemed me too stupid for full HOPE. (A program that helps me pay for my college tuition.)
3.) Deemed me too stupid to make the personal decision of whether or not to participate in sodomy and/or oral sex. (Even though they’ll give condoms out for free and again, sign a marriage license to a pregnant sixteen year old.)
4.) And lastly, offered a job to an ex - convict over a high school educated, college bound student desperate for work. (Refer to point 2 above.)

(Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against free condoms or marriage at the age of sixteen, I think the government is just clunky, selective and hypocritical. You can get married in the state of Georgia if your pregnant, but not if you are in love?)

     And while the government is growing nationwide, we are glued to our computers and televisions, fighting over whether or not Casey Anthony is guilty or not and whether or not we should raise the debt ceiling.
     Look, if we need to cut spending, let us bring all our troops home tomorrow, stop bombing Libya, stop nation building and stop playing as the world’s police! Want to raise revenue? Let gays get married and pay for marriage licenses and put tariffs on U.S. corporations who have factories over seas. (And consumers, if they try to pass that down to you, protest and don’t buy their goods/products!)
     Conclusively, you can be smart about it! Every vote you cast, every penny you spend, supports something, do you know what you support? When you vote for the ‘small government’ Anti-gay candidate, are you really voting for bigger government? You can afford to do that, you are probably not gay. But would you want someone to vote for the ‘small government’ anti-woman, -man, -old, -young, -educated, -veteran candidate? Something tells me not, and I wouldn’t want to vote for that candidate, either.
     Oh! And one more thing, an after thought, if you will, to my fellow anti - abortionist pro - lifers. I ask you to consider this the next time you are voting for the next ‘pro-life’ ‘small-government’ candidate: Are they giving the government the right to take a life? “Now wait!” You say, “I voted for that candidate so the government wouldn’t have that right.”
     You are half right, you half did. You support the right of someone to be born, but in voting for that candidate, you also more than likely supported the right of the Big (Brother?) Government to kill someone, whenever they see fit. Is that truly being pro - LIFE?

I suppose it is all just some food for thought.


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