Monday, June 6, 2011

"Why Don't You Cut Your Hair?!"

     Some people say that one day I will have to cut my hair. That it is in fact, “Part of growing up.” What is this growing up process? What does it entail for me? Becoming an indentured servant to the system by accumulating mass debt for a college education? A college education that will what? Lead me to plug and chug sound bites into AP format for some billion dollar media PR for the military – industrial complex? I have to cut my hair and wear designer names so I can what? Become a walking billboard for the consumer – capitalist culture that only gives a shit about me if I’m throwing money I don’t have into it?

            But of course you have to cut your hair, go to college, get a job, buy a house and have a family! Your hair is a sign of independence and self – respect, and in the war to turn you into a robot, those will always be the first to go. Then they push you off to college, where they promise you that you will become your own person – bigger, better, smarter and more independent. But what kind of independence is this? Where you owe them a hundred thousand dollars and are completely DEPENDENT on their crumbling and failing job market and economy. An independence where every dollar you get they gave you, and you inevitably feed it back into their system for whatever hormones and preservatives and shit – chemicals they have the good graces to allow you to digest.

            Now you’ve graduated college and they encourage you to get a job. Again they sell you ideals of freedom and independence. But what actually happens? Regardless of your profession, you are making a product for them, feeding their system, brain washing or pacifying their robots, other robots, like you, pacified, like you. You may argue, “But I’m making good money, I can afford the things I’ve always wanted.”

            And I ask, you spent your entire youth hungry for a bigger flat screen, a flatter IPhone, louder surround sound, over priced coffee and shit news that reads as if written by Orwell’s Wilson himself? Somehow I doubt it, but when in doubt and debt, buy more and more stuff. Drown your emptiness in alcohol and keep yourself blinded to reality behind cigarette smoke. Go for it.

            Next! Your house - a two story cage on a half acre of land. Isn’t the system so nice to give you a half acre?! You and your neighbor almost have enough room to piss off your back porches without hitting each other. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to live in suburbia, instead of being stuck in some apartment. After all, isn’t it part of the “American Dream” to own a house, as opposed to renting an apartment? I know it is for my dad. And by time he dies, his life insurance might pay off his mortgage and, if the Will stays the same, I will own a small piece of land the government can take from me at any moment. How fortunate am I? Every day I wonder how long it will be till private, money – hungry, contractors come to try to buy my dad’s three acres from him so they can build suburbia up around his house. The forest, nature, Mother Earth or my father be damned. There needs to be more room for more people, so they can accumulate more debt and buy and make more stuff and be stuck, slaves to the system.

            At this point, do I have to even elaborate on why the system wants us all to have kids? They need us to have kids. Our kids will make the future robots, the future indentured servants, the future slaves.

            So, pardon me if I’m a little resilient to your ideas of me cutting my hair and your requests of my need to ‘Eventually grow up.’ I’m a little turned off by the idea of becoming another mindless, heartless, soulless robot in your system.

Always Standing in Defiance

- Alexander Fisher

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