Monday, June 6, 2011

May 2011 Voter's Guide

     I’m a little late this month, but I think it’s a good thing, because May has been a busy month for the Presidential field. I’ve had time to learn and research and study. Now I have a new format that takes a little more reading, but a lot less link following, which I hope, is reader friendly. As always, feedback, thoughts and opinions are welcome, and you’re welcome to forward this a million times.
- Alexander Fisher
Friday, May 27, 2011
GOP Field Widens:
Herman Cain – Self proclaimed “Black Horse Candidate”, claims to offer “Common Sense Solutions”
Newt Gingrich – Former Speaker of the House during the Clinton Administration – Favorable among social conservatives due to his five failed marriages
Gary Johnson – Relatively unknown former governor of New Mexico who admitted to smoking marijuana in first GOP debate
Fred Karger – Unknown candidate who not only worked on nine presidential campaigns but served as a senior consultant to the campaigns of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Gerald Ford
Ron Paul – Supposed Libertarian making his third attempt at running for President. He has failed to either win the presidency as a Libertarian (1988) or to win the Republican nomination for president (2008)
Tim Pawlenty – Believes that the American people need to be told the truth, believes he is the one to do it
Buddy Roemer – Former governor of Louisiana who has been interviewed by C – SPAN but didn’t meet the requirements to be in the first GOP debate. He went from being a democrat to being a republican in 1991
Mitt Romney – A potential front runner who is most known for the universal healthcare plan he enacted as governor of Massachusetts . This is his second attempt to get the Republican nomination for President of the United States

Donald Trump – Enjoys seeing himself on T.V. too much to be limited to press conferences
Mike Huckabee – Probably gets paid WAY too much by FOX… Just saying…
Mitch Daniels – I’m not going to lie…. I have no idea, Governors have won the seat before, and so I guess it comes down to his supporters wanting it more than him

Exploratory Phase:
Rick Santorum – Former senator of Pennsylvania . He has about as much attention as Pawlenty, probably hopes to be able to garner as much support as the last Senator to run for President…

Possible Announcers:
Sarah Palin – Because in Alaska , it’s not enough to quit, you have to quit with the expectation of getting a promotion
Jon Hunstman – Thinks he can win a Republican nomination by saying he think America can be like China
Michele Bachmann – Amy Kremer, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann got together one night, got rip roaring drunk, burnt their bras and decided two of them were going to run for President. Amy Kremer was the only one who was busy
Rick Perry – The Mitch Daniels of possible announcers
With all the ‘Tea Party Favorites’ going out for the GOP nomination, it’ll be interesting to see what role the Tea Party will play in the 2012 campaign and election cycles and seasons.

Of the one hundred thirty – eight candidates for president filed with the FEC, sixty – five are Republican candidates, sixteen are Democratic candidates, twenty – five are independent and twenty – eight are either ‘other’, ‘none’ or ‘unknown.’ There’s one Libertarian candidate, one Green Party candidate, one Citizen’s Party candidate and one American Independent Party candidate.
      Needless to say, I’d believe that the American people have their choices. Still of the sixty – five Republicans, I predict that people will pay attention to thirteen, and probably less. Of the sixteen Democrats, only President Obama will get any real attention. As for the other fifty – seven candidates? Some will get zero percent of the votes, and others will get percentages so small that your high school math teacher will get a headache. Is it because their lazy? Or even because they didn’t try to reach the American people? Let’s be honest here, the reason the other fifty – seven don’t get the vote is because we don’t hear talking heads, pundits, talk show hosts and anchors throwing their names around. Their faces don’t make it on the cover of TIME magazine and they can’t afford campaign ads. The Democrats and Republicans who can afford campaign ads not only get money from donors, but may receive tax payer dollars from tax payers who oppose them.
      But, in all fairness to the tax payers, your money doesn’t go to third party candidates because they don’t garner enough votes. Which means, of course, that while the (R)s and the (D)s mudsling with your money, whether you donate or not, the third party candidates are left fund less, with little or no way to get your attention, to get the vote it takes, to get the money it cost to get your attention. But don’t let radical conspiracy theorists lead you to believe our democratic republic is tainted with and controlled by a two party system, because that would just be irrational.
      So, I have to ask, how many of you watched the first GOP debate? How many of you know the issues or candidates? How many of you just don’t care? There are eighteen months until the general election. Eighteen months where conservatives will suffer infighting while trying to simultaneously join together to defeat President Obama. Eighteen months where third parties will fight for ballot access and attention. Eighteen months where Glenn Beck and John Boehner will cry for their country, while Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will laugh. Eighteen months where President Obama will balance campaigning with being a president. And what will you do for the next eighteen months?
      Assure yourself that there’s nothing you can do? Simply vote in the primary and general elections with no fight? You may end up not voting at all, which would be kind of funny, but, the choice is ultimately yours.
- Alexander Fisher
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