Saturday, December 10, 2011

Glenn Beck's "Restore Love"

Remember Glenn Beck's "Restoring Courage"? He went to the Capitol and made a huge fuss like he always does about how America needs to come together and, I don't know, like usher in a new era or something. Then he went to Israel to do an event. Again, making a huge fuss and again trying to claim he's bringing people together.

Well now he has just announced an event he's calling 'Restore Love.' What an interesting title and concept.

So Glenn Beck is going to 'Restore Love'? In the email that was sent out revealing the event there were two examples of hate mentioned. One of a kid who was punched in the chest fifty times, even though he had a heart condition. The other was a situtation where a Jewish girl's hair was set on fire, solely because she's a Jew. While I'm not condoning these crimes or trying to suggest they weren't actions of hate, I do have two objections. The first one being that I find it completely heinous that Glenn Beck is using situations such as the ones mentioned above to make money and build his empire.

The second objection is to Glenn Beck's neglect. While Glenn Beck may have not wrote that himself, he did authorize it, it is his event and it went out in his email newsletter. He neglected to mention the bullying against LGBT teenagers. He neglected to mention the suicide that comes from that bullying. He neglected to mention the young people who graduate from college with a four year degree and cannot get a job. He neglected to mention how much hate these young people experience when people call them lazy and worse. He neglected to mention all the hate he himself spreads everyday. He neglected to mention the hate that Muslim - Americans experience just because they're Muslims.

But to be fair, this is Glenn Beck we're talking about. His neglect is infamous. So i wont focus on it. Glenn's propaganda is what I want to focus on. He says he wants to restore courage while  focusing on fear - mongering. He wants to restore courage while calling our president a socialist and a communist while front-loading these terms with negative and untrue connotations. (I'd like to remind everyone that Facism and Totalitarianism are completely different and seperate from Communism and Socialism.)

He says he wants to restore courage while telling people that their media is bought and paid for. While he tells people we are heading into dark days and the only way to get through them is to buy his books and his documentaries and his friends books and to come to his events and to read their Christian bibles.

He does not want to restore courage, he wants to build his empire.

And if he wants to restore love, then it is only a love for him that he means to restore. He does not want to restore love for Muslim - Americans, he doesn't want to restore love for our president. He doesn't want to restore love for our LGBT community or  for our young people who cannot get a job.

Glenn Beck only wants one thing. He wants to divide and conquer. He wants to enter into your psyche and scare the hell out of you so he can sell you his show and his books and all of his stuff. He wants you to suck on the teet of his endless propaganda.

I do not look forward to covering this as it unfolds.

Alexander Fisher
@JAFThrasher on Twitter

"Those that dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day, are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams and make them real."


  1. I'm sorry readers. I mixed up 'Restoring Honor' (The one that happened in D.C.) and 'Restoring Courage' (The one that happened in Israel.

    - Alexander Fisher

  2. This was very moving Alexander Fisher...
    You have potential do not lose it.
    You mean alot to me as a friend i look up 2 you because your a great rolemodel and because your taller than me... I hope you see your potential and use it for good
    -A friend