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Governor Gary Johnson's Plan for Restoring Fiscal Discipline in Military Spending

“Governor Gary Johnson’s Plan for Restoring Fiscal Discipline in Military Spending”

      On August 30th Governor Gary Johnson held a conference call on the topic of ‘Restoring Fiscal Discipline in Military Spending,’ which I had the fortune of being able to participate in. Before the official Q&A started there was some conversation about recent poll numbers and the upcoming presidential debate on the 7th. During this conversation, Mr. Johnson took the opportunity to point out that he is ‘The only candidate running for president that is not running on a social agenda, is not leading with being socially conservative. I’m not socially conservative.’ He said.

            I believe this was a good foundation for the conversation to come. Whereas I am very dedicated to many social issues that I hope, if elected, the Governor will look in to, considering my current fiscal situation, and the fiscal situation of this country, I appreciate his focus on financial issues.

            When the Q&A did get underway, Mr. Johnson opened with a short statement in where he laid this groundwork:

“The biggest threat to our national security is the fact that we’re bankrupt. The fact that forty three cents out of every dollar we’re spending is, for the most party, being printed currently.”

            The Governor also doesn’t know how there can exist a discussion on cutting what we spend nationally without talking about military spending. These are strong points by the Governor, he is pointing out that constitutionally and logically, what we have to have is defense, not offense and especially not foreign nation building. He believes that if we focus on defense, especially in considering surveillance over military action, we can see cuts in personnel – both active and civil, procurement, intelligence, nuclear capability and research and development. On nuclear development he points out that we, as a nation, have way more nuclear power than we truly need, for one. Two, potential threats, such as Iran as a specific example is 15 to 20 years way from being a nuclear threat and third and most importantly, while there have been nuclear powers globally for a long time, no one has ever actually used that nuclear power. Which leads to another good point that Mr. Johnson touched on, which is that we are being led by fear which is allowing the federal government to spend (read: waste) more money over seas and on ‘Defense.’

            Governor Johnson also touched on some other key issues, like the War on Drugs. He wants to legalize marijuana, believing that doing so would lead to 75% less border violence with Mexico – that being the Drug Cartels’ activities that revolve around marijuana. He believes in looking at the drug problem first as a health issue rather than a criminal justice issue, which would also cut spending in courts, jails and prisons.

            In response to my last question, which was the last question of the call, and addressed moving to repeal the PATRIOT Act on Day One, the Governor said that the PATRIOT Act (Read Bill Here) is a continued loss of civil liberties that is going unchecked. He said he would abolish The Department of Homeland Security, which he would have never established in the first place and he would also abolish the TSA.

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